Electrical Notes

Electrical Calculation and Electrical Notes on Electrical Engineering:

All Notes ,Calculations & Abstracts are Based on Some Electrical References. All References are mention at end of each Notes.

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Electrical Notes:                                                .

(1) Motor & Starter:                                                                                                     .

  1. Star-Delta Starter
  2. Direct On Line Starter
  3. Motor Name Plate Terminology
  4. Overload Relay Size & Contactor for Starter
  5. Abstract of NEC:430 for Size of Cable for Single or Group of Motors
  6. Standard Electrical Motor Connections
  7. Electrical Motor Quick Reference

(2) Transformer:                                                                                                        .

  1. Parallel Operation of Transformer
  2. Vector Group of Transformer
  3. Auto Transformer Connection
  4. Scott-T Connection of Transformer
  5. Zig-zag Connection of Transformer
  6. Star-Delta Connection of Transformer
  7. Delta-Star Connection of Transformer
  8. Delta-Delta Connection of Transformer
  9. Star-Star Connection of Transformer
  10. Various Routine Test of Power Transformer-(Part-4)
  11. Various Routine Test of Power Transformer-(Part-3)
  12. Various Routine Test of Power Transformer-(Part-2)
  13. Various Routine Test of Power Transformer-(Part-1)
  14. Abstract of over current Protection of Transformer (NEC 450.3)
  15. Electrical Safety Clearance for Transformer
  16. Abstract of National Electrical Code for Transformer’s Protection
  17. Difference between Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer
  18. Type & Selection of Current Transformer
  19. Transformer Accessories.
  20. Minimum Acceptable specification for Metering C.T
  21. Transformer Quick Reference

(3) Lighting Luminars:                                                                                       .

  1. Electrical Illumination Values -(Part-1).
  2. Electrical Illumination Values-(Part-2).
  3. Electrical Illumination Values-(Part-3).
  4. Electrical Illumination Values-(Part-4).
  5. Electrical Illumination Values-(Part-5).
  6. Quick Reference Lighting Power Densities
  7. Difference Between High Bay-Low Bay and Flood Light Fixture
  8. What should you know before buying LED Bulbs (Part:3)
  9. What should you know before buying LED Bulbs (Part:2)
  10. What should You know before buying LED Bulb (Part:1).
  11. Selection of Street Light Luminar-(Part-6)
  12. Selection for Street Light Luminar-(PART-5)
  13. Selection for Street Light Luminar-(PART-4)
  14. Selection for Street Light Luminar-(PART-3)
  15. Selection for Street Light Luminar-(PART-2)
  16. Selection for Street Light Luminar-(PART-1)
  17. Different Types of  Lamps
  18. What is Fixture’s Beam Angle & Beam Diameter (Part-2)
  19. What is Fixture’s Beam Angle & Beam Diameter (Part-1)
  20. Type of Light Bulb base & Socket (Part-1)
  21. Type of Light Bulb base & Socket (Part-2)
  22. Type of Lighting Bulbs (Shapes and Sizes) Part-1
  23. Type of Lighting Bulbs (Shapes and Sizes) Part-2
  24. Type of Lighting Bulbs (Shapes and Sizes) Part-3
  25. Type of Lighting Bulbs (Shapes and Sizes) Part-4
  26. Type of Lighting Bulbs (Shapes and Sizes) Part-5
  27. Various Factors for Illumination Calculations
  28. How to Design Efficient Street Lighting-Part-4
  29. How to Design Efficient Street Lighting-Part-3
  30. How to Design Efficient Street Lighting-Part-2
  31. How to Design Efficient Street Lighting-Part-1

(4) MCB / MCCB / Fuse / Relay:                                                                                     .

  1. MCB / MCCB / ELCB Quick Reference (Part-1)
  2. MCB /MCCB / ELCB Quick Reference (Part-2)
  3. What is Correct Method of MCB Connections
  4. Setting of overload, Short circuit & Ground Fault Protection of MCCB (PART-1)
  5. Setting of overload, Short circuit & Ground Fault Protection of MCCB (PART-2):
  6. Type of Tripping Mechanism of MCB / MCCB-(Part-1)
  7. Type of Tripping Mechanism of MCB / MCCB-(Part-2)
  8. How to select MCB / MCCB (Part-1)
  9. How to select MCB / MCCB (Part-2)
  10. How to select MCB / MCCB (Part-3)
  11. Selection of 3P-TPN-4P MCB & Distribution Board
  12. Difference Between  MCB/MCCB/ELCB/RCCB
  13. Type & Selection of Fuse
  14. Specification for Re wirable Cut Out Fuse Unit
  15. Over Current Relay(Type-Application-Connection)
  16. Types and Revolution of Electrical Relays
  17. Working Principle of ELCB and RCB

(5) Earthings:                                                                                                            .

  1. Earthing Strip / Wire / Pit Quick Reference (Part-1)
  2. Earthing Strip / Wire / Pit Quick Reference (As per CPWD) (Part-2)
  3. Difference between Bonding, Grounding and Earthing
  4. What is Earthing
  5. Single Earthed Neutral and Multi Earthed Neutral.
  6. Method for Installation of Earthing Strip
  7. Methods of Earth Resistance Testing (Part-1)
  8. Methods of Earth Resistance Testing (Part-2)
  9. Methods of Earth Resistance Testing (Part-3)
  10. Quick Reference -Earthing

(6) Cables:                                                                                                               .

  1. Cable Construction & Cable Selection-Part:4
  2. Cable Construction & Cable Selection-Part:3
  3. Cable Construction & Cable Selection-Part:2
  4. Cable Construction & Cable Selection-Part:1
  5. Cable Tray Size as per National Electrical Code-2002. Article 392
  6. Difference between Unearthed Cable & Earthed Cables
  7. Type of Gland
  8. Gland Size Selection
  9. EHV XLPE – Current Rating
  10. XLPE Cable-Current Rating
  11. PVC Cable-Current Rating
  12. EHV/HV Cable Sheath Earthing
  13. Low Voltage and High Voltage Cable Testing
  14. HIPOT Testing
  15. Type of Cable Tray.
  16. Method for Installation of Cable Tray-(PART 1)
  17. Method for Installation of Cable Tray-(PART 2)
  18. Method for Installation of Cable & Wire (Part-2) 
  19. Method for Installation of Cable & Wire (Part-1)

(7) Power Factor Correction / Harmonic:                                                          .

  1. what is Power Factor & Automatic Power Factor Correction
  2. Harmonics and It’s Effects

(8) Power Distributions & Transmissions:                                                        .

  1. Vibration Damper in Transmission Line
  2. Total Losses in Power Distribution and Transmission Lines-(Part 2)
  3. Total Losses in Power Distribution & Transmission Lines-(Part 1)
  4. Size and Location of Capacitor in Electrical System-(Part 2)
  5. Size and Location of Capacitor in Electrical System-(Part1)
  6. Impact of Floating Neutral in Power Distribution
  7. Effects of High Voltage Transmission Lines on Humans and Plants
  8. Analysis the Truth behind Household Power Savers
  9. Types of Neutral Earthing in Power Distribution Systems
  10. Type of Electrical Power Distribution systems
  11. 11KV/415V Overhead Line Specification as per REC
  12. Power Quality
  13. Ferranti Effect in Transmission Line
  14. What is Corona Effect in Transmission Line 
  15. How Reactive Power helpful to maintain a System Healthy
  16. Types of Overhead Conductors
  17. Guideline to Design Electrical Network for Building / Small Area.
  18. Effects of unbalanced Electrical Load (Part:2)
  19. Effects of unbalanced Electrical Load (Part:1)

(9) Demand Factor-Diversity Factor-Utilization Factor:                                 .

  1. What is Demand Factor-Diversity Factor-Utilization Factor-Load Factor
  2. Demand-Diversity Factor Value Quick Reference

(9) Sub Station / Electrical Equipment Safety Clearance:                          .

  1. Electrical Safety Clearance for Electrical Panel 
  2. Electrical Safety Clearance (Western Power Company ,Australia )(Part-6)
  3. Electrical Safety Clearance (New Zealand Electrical)(Part-5)
  4. Electrical Safety Clearance (ETSA Utilities,Australia) (Part-4)
  5. Electrical Safety Clearance (Northern Ireland Electricity )(Part-3)
  6. Electrical Safety Clearance (IE/CEA) (Part-2)
  7. Electrical Safety Clearance (Qatar General Electricity) (Part-1)
  8. Sub Station Abstracts-(Part-1)
  9. Sub Station Abstracts -(Part-2)
  10. Sub Station Abstract -( Part-3)
  11. Electrical Clearance in Substation.
  12. Typical Limiting Values of Substation Equipment.
  13. Standard Makes for Electrical Equipment
  14. Minimum Electrical Equipment Clearance (As per BS / IE Rules).
  15. Electrical Voltage Limit Quick Reference

(9) Diesel Generator Set:                                                                                   .

  1. Quick Reference of Diesel Generator Set-(Part-1).
  2. Quick Reference of Diesel Generator Set-(Part-2).

(9) Lighting Arrester / SPD:                                                                               .

  1. Lighting Arrester
  2. Selection of Surge Protective Device (SPD)- (Part 4)
  3. Selection of Surge Protective Device (SPD)- (Part 3)
  4. Selection of Surge Protective Device (SPD)- (Part 2)
  5. Selection of Surge Protective Device (SPD)- (Part 1) 

(10) Inverter / UPS:                                                                                                .

  1. What is Difference between UPS & Inverter
  2. Selection of Various Types of Inverter-(Part-1)
  3. Selection of Various Types of Inverter-(Part-2)
  4. Selection of Various Types of Inverter-(Part-3)
  5. Selection of Various Types of UPS (Part-1)
  6. Selection of Various Types of UPS (Part-2)

(10) Electrical Abstract- (NBC / NEC / IE Rule / CEA / CPWD / IS Code):            .

  1. Internal Electrical Work Abstract of CPWD
  2. Electrical Abstract-National Building Code (NBC)
  3. Electrical Abstract -National Electrical Code (NEC)
  4. Indian Electricity Rules-Abstract.
  5. Indian Standard Code-Abstract (IS:1554/IS:15652/IS:1678/IS:1255/IS:694
  6. Indian Standard Code-Abstract (IS:5613/IS:5039/IS:11892/IS:1455/IS:11171.

(11) Others (Electrical):

  1. Electrical Useful Equations.
  2. Electrical Costing (Per Sq.foot) Quick Reference
  3.  IP Rating for Electrical Enclosure
  4. Insulation Resistance (IR) Values of Electrical Equipment
  5. Electrical Energy Saving Tips

(12) HVAC:

  1. Quick Reference -HVAC (Part-1)
  2. Quick Reference -HVAC (Part-2)
  4. Method for Installation of HVAC System (Part-4) 
  5. Method for Installation of HVAC System (Part-3)
  6.  Method for Installation of HVAC System (Part-2)
  7. Method for Installation of HVAC System (Part-1)

(13) Fire Fighting:

  1. Quick Reference-Fire Fighting (Part-1)
  2. Quick Reference-Fire Fighting (Part-2)

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    My capacitor bank always showing overload, i have checked all the contactor, fuse, and replace the controller but still the same probelm
    can you please help me what i should do

    thank you for your help


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    Kindly forward the difference between thermal magnetic release MCCB and microprocessor based release MCCB

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    Dear sir I m working for state transmission utility One of our 220/132/33kv grid ss is having lot of system disturbances .there are 11nos 220kv feeders an.d it is connected to hydropower station of 600 mw.it is a one and half breaker system can you suggest any remedies to avoid system disturbances

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    dear sir how to calculate 3.5 ar alu cable current carrying capacity

  115. sir i need electrical notes daily updates

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    Why ELCB is not advisable for a Motor Control Panel? What is the difference between teh ELR & ELCB?

  117. MPCB is the best one for local control panel

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    i just want to know how 4 number of 3.7kw subimersible motor is connected in a generator given supply and how to calculate the kva rating for these motors…that is for 3.7kw motor starting current will be 35A..after that it will require 10A ..so how can we select the suitable generator for this…

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    +975-1760 9279

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    Please tell me , ” how a reactor will design for 230kvar star grounded capacitor,50Hz,input voltage 11Kv, and the source transformer is 9Mva”
    What will be value ( or configuration) of detuned reactor. Also Please tell me which formula will be used.
    I am waiting your response .


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    Further, what is the upper limit to the length of a cable used in power distribution?

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    working in electrical consultancy & contractor company.
    & my role as design engineer.
    i need some help..
    i need protection for 1-phase & 3-phase connected load when neutral is cut.
    at that time i am using ELCB & MCB for Protection.
    i need relay or any mechanism that give protection to equipment, when neutral is cut, my MCCB also trip at main power control panel side.

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    Please clear my confusion. I want to use a LBS for transformer protection [500 kva]. Fuses are used for over current protection. But what about the under voltage and e/f protection??? How to incorporate these devices in LBS?..

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    Please explain me what is star delta connection

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    I have a question that, In EHV Network if the star point of source transformer is operating with solid/ resistance/ impedance grounding then is it necessary that any of the other receiving end transformers also required star point grounding in case of that receiving end transformer’s primary is star connected winding (The winding which is connected in the network).

    In our case we are at receiving end with Star, Star & Tertiary winding transformer, we are experiencing disturbance tripping of HV Side stand-by earth fault during any upstream side faults.

    Hence, we hope to leave the HV Star Point un-grounded to avoid disturbance tripping.

    Please suggest me in this regard.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    We had discussion about 33kv Telescopic Earth discharge rod, there were question from team that discharge rod cable size must be same current capacity of 33kv line, even there was audit observations for same and they need IS reference for same.

    need guidance for same.

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    what will be happen if i change NGR of 45 MVA,DYN11 transformer for reducing fault current.
    Now it is 2.5 ohms 2500 amp. But i want to install 63.3 ohms 100 amp for avoid 10 mw TG tripping in inst. over current fault.

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    2.) CCTV
    3.) MATV
    4.) PAVA ( public address audio visual) system
    5.) Data system
    6.) Intercom system
    7.) Telephone
    8.) Door access control system
    Please description of which type of CABLE used in this system and details.

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    Exactly answers,
    Transformer’s rating in KVA, Why?

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    Sir what is the working principle of FMR ????

    Please reply….

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      On Mon, 9 Dec 2019, 14:35 Electrical Notes & Articles, wrote:

      > Somnath Gupta commented: “Dear Sir is any where it is accepted that > Earting to body of equipments is done by just twisting the GI wire around > the stud ? is it safe looking into the purpose of earthing for equipment & > Body.” >

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    N to E:160V

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