IE Rules for DP Structure

Abstract of IE Rules for DP Structure


Only one connection with earth has been provided for the frame of A B switch. One more Separate and Distinct connection with earth should be provided for frame of the A B switch.



Only one connection with earth has been providing for the frame of the H G fuse. One more Separate and distinct connection   with earth should be provided for the frame of HG fuse.

IER -29&5b

The metal cover of the transformer (top cover) on which the HV and or LV busing are  Housed should be Looped to earth to avoid any fault current passing through fastening bolts

IE R-9 2.


The earthling lead of the HV lighting arrester is not kept separate but it mixed with other Connections. The earthling lead from the HV lighting arrester should not be used for earthling Any other gear and should be taken to a separate electrodes

IER-51-1 b & 61 -3

The GI pipe enclosing the MV circuits on the secondary side of the transformer are Not earthed. This should be earthed.

IER- 29&9 2

The earth lead from the HV lighting arrestor is taken through GI pipe. The above earth lead Should not Pass through any iron steel pipes.

IER 29&51b

The AB switch handle has not been earthed. The same should be earthed effectively.


Masonry through are not provided for the earth electrodes. Masonry through should be Provided for the Earth electrodes

IER -29

No name board has been provided for the substation. A name board with all particulars Should be providing.

IER 50 1 b.

There is no fuse control on the secondary side of the transformer but only the outgoing Feeders are provided with fuse control. Porcelain fuse unit of adequate capacity should be Provided for the transformer on the secondary side and only from these fuse unit supply to the outgoing feeders should be tapped

IE R-29

The handle of the AB switch has been fixed at a height of about 4-5 feet’s for easy operation.

IER 29

The UN supported length of jumper in the transformer structure is more than5 feet. The same Should be restricted to a length  of 5feet

IER 51 1a & b

All the open wiring on the secondary side of the transformer should be closed in conduits.

IER 29

The secondary control of porcelain fuse carrier is not housed in distribution box. They should Be housed in the distribution box No breather has been provided for the transformer a breather should be provided for the transformer.

IER 29

Some of the fuse units are broken. The broken fuse units should be replaced by fresh unit

IER 51 1a & b

The feeders emanating from the secondary fuse control are not provided with separate fuse Unit individually. Further one feeder is tapped from another. There should not be any tapping In the feeder and the entire emanating feeder should be provided with fuse units individually

IER 51 -1b

The providing pipe of the AB switch has not been earthed. The same should be earthed Effectively.

IER 91

Earthed called guarding has not been provided at the place where the HV/MV lines are Crossing the road. Suitable earthed cradle guarding should be provided for the road crossing.

IER 29

The metal parts of the DP structure distribution box have rusted badly and requires Repainting. Repainting should be carried out to the above structure and should be maintained Properly

IER 29

All the routine maintenance work on the transformer like testing of transformer oil etc should Be periodically and the result obtained should be recorded up to date in a separate register

IER 29 & 61 b

The earth electrodes provided should be tested periodically for satisfactory results and Results obtained should be recorded up to date in a separated register

IER 29.

The HV jumpers connected on the tension side are to be connected to the slack side or U Loop connection on the line

IER 29

No HV /LA (Lighting arrester) is provided for the protection of the transformer which should Be provided

IER 51 -1b

The metallic fittings of the insulators, strain dishes are to be looped to earth leads of Structure


IER 29

Bushes are not provided for the ends of conduit pipes enclosing MV wires on the secondary Sides. Bushes are to be provides for the ends of conduit pipes

IER 29

The insulated wires on the secondary side of the transformer are deteriorated and they Should be replaced by healthy wire

IER 35

Danger notices have been provided the transformer section. Danger notice is to be provided For the transformer section.

IER 29

Oil leak in the LV bushing of the transformer should be attended

IER 29

The position of the HV/LV is to be shifted to the other side so that the clearance between The live jumper and earthed metal parts should not less than12 inches

IER 29

The transformer base channel from ground is less than 7 feet and the clearance to HV live Point from ground is less than 12 feet. The above clearances are to be provided.

IER 61-1a

The transformer neutral is provided with only one earthy. The neutral should be provided With one more earth connection

IER 61-1a

The transformer neutral earth lead is looped with body. The neutral earth leads should be Separated from the transformer body

IER 61 -2

The transformer body is earthed with signal earth connection. The transformer body should Be provided with two separate and distinct earth locations


40 Responses to IE Rules for DP Structure

  1. shailesh prajapati says:

    Dear jigneshbhai,
    I am doing electrical project work in gujarat and i have a also require electrical specifitation As per IE/CPWD for Earthing work, cablling work,lighting work,two pole eraction work.
    Pls send a specification,by mail.

    shailesh prajapati
    09898597481. kindly give your email, mobile no.

  2. mukesh solanki says:

    Dear sir,
    Kindly send me the details@ Mim.Dist. required betwn two near by transformer of 500KVA as per IE rules.

    • As per guidelines are from IEEE 979 for liquid-filled transformers for Outdoor Purpose.
      7571 liters or more of oil – 20 feet from building, if 20-50 feet from building, the exposed walls of the building should have a 2 hour fire barrier.
      75 kVA or less – 10 feet from building.
      76-333 kVA – 20 feet from building.
      More than 333 kVA – 30 feet from building.
      Add fire barriers if above minimums aren’t maintained.
      Large oil-filled transformers should be separated by at least 30 feet of clear space and/or a minimum 1 hour fire rated barrier.

      • Varadaraj says:

        Hello sir pls pls send IE rules book i have starts an 11 kv dp structre so i want clearence of instalation pls send ie rule book or web site link my email id

    • gantaiah says:

      the minimum distance3 between any two electrical carrying equipments is 2.5 mtr .it is advised
      to have 3.5 m distance between centre to centre of transformer 500 kva equipment

  3. Regarding allowable Earthing values as per IE Rules, we require authentic information.

  4. The dimensional details of various installations of Electrical System as per IE Rules is requested.

  5. sharad says:

    Sir can you suggest me new electrical technologies or equipments or energy saving methods prevailing in Power plants. As i work in Knowledge Management deptt. , as my profile is to search new kind of technologies which is cost effective and energy efficient.

    Sharad Goyal

  6. Dharminder says:

    I am working in IRCON at Malaysia, sir we are facing one problem in our circuit. We have a cast rasin Aux. trf. of rating 20kVA for Aux supply of our switching station. primary Voltage of Trf. is 25kV single phase and secondary voltage is 240V there is no tap changer. When we put load on Aux. trf. it gives humming sound and voltage flctuate from 240V to 260V. Also current becomes higher. We observe that only one tube light takes 20A current for some second in the mean time the MCB of light trip. We also observe that when there is train movement at that time there is variation in voltage as well as in current. Connection of our taf. is as follows we connect neutral of Trf to ground Primary side and secondary side also through return bar.

    can u suggest some idea to stable the voltage.


  7. Can I have detailed dimensional Drawing for D. P. Structure for 11kV to 33kV system.

  8. k.karthick says:

    sir could u send the detail about substation SLD to end design (33kv,132kv,110kv,66kv)

  9. k.karthick says:

    i want dimensional detail about installed difference between two equipment, ratings,LM tower detail etc

  10. M.Venkata rao says:

    what is difference between earthed and unearthed HT cable?

  11. sunil rathod says:

    Please send me details regarding DP -one pole earthing and one separate handle earthing.
    with picture to my mail id

    sunil rathod


    Sir, i am working in west Africa , where 20 kv D.C. Vertical conductor orientation line was designed with pin type insulator and v cross arms ,
    but due to non availability of material and time const rant . we are doing with suspension type with 70 kn disc insulator
    My query is that what should be the minimum clearance between conductor and metal part of cross arm (p-p and p-e) and ground clearance

  13. Pravin Baria says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have require IE rule for Elecletrical equipment and Switch Gear
    please send us if Possible



    Pravin Baria

  14. karunaharan says:

    can you give me the technical details of 11kv over head line structure and pole mounted transformers with structure

  15. Pradeep kumar biswal says:

    Please send me DP Structure drawing. with minimum distance between the

  16. Palanisrinivasan says:

    Hello sir,
    Could you please upload the acceptable minimum and maximum for transformers testing like turns ratio, dissipation factor, dc winding resistance, oil BDV and dielectric response analyzer according to IEC STANDARD

  17. Deepak kumar says:

    please send me is code of distribution transformer

  18. sir can u give me dp structure diagram and physical matierial required for erection of line from transformer to dp pole

  19. Murugavel. a says:

    hello sir can u send IE rule books to my email id, or where can I get IE rule books for HT and LT electrical installation

  20. hello sir
    Pls send IE rule books to my email id, or where can I get IE rule books for HT and LT,DG ,11kv structure electrical installation

  21. BALA says:

    hello sir
    In my plant 11kv HT panel erection is going to start,so i want to conform what is height clearance of the panel in control room for that we have to provided false celling plz advice me about the IS standard.

  22. mahadeo jadhav m/s suraj electrical works solapur says:

    Dear jigneshbhai,
    i am a new electrical contractor please tell me that ,how to work erecting dp structure

  23. pramod kumar agarwal says:

    Sir can you suggest me new electrical technologies or equipments or energy saving methods prevailing in Data center power plant . As i work in NICSI data center delhi. , as my profile is to search new kind of technologies which is cost effective and energy efficient.can you send me notes for reading sir.please help me .

    pramod kumar agarwal

  24. Ganesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can u provide me construction details and IE rules for 500kVA 2 pole structure.

  25. Sir, we have 2 nos of trasfomer having 1000KVA Make -Kirloskar and 2000KVA Make-voltamp and we want to replace the oil fully.Is it necessary to replace the oil through TOP cover.

  26. Vaibhav Atkari says:

    Can you send me the layout diagram of a 11/415 pole mounted substation..

  27. tushar bagde says:


    Please send me detailed dimensional Drawing for D. P. Structure for 11kV to 33kV system

  28. bose says:

    Dear sir,
    How to I visually identify the 110KV/132KV/220KV Tower/Line?

  29. yuvan says:

    Dear sir,
    pls send component rating for various subsation

  30. jamshed says:

    hi sir
    why need to discharge cable after megger test

  31. Ajaj says:

    Hello Sir ,
    Please guide me on, for Is there any standards or rules and regulations references to keep 11kv VCB in a separate room, instead of keeping along in 415V PCC with 1m to 3m distance clearance.

  32. yaqub khan says:

    Replace IE Rules with CEA Reg,2010.

  33. Mallikarjun Bolsure says:

    Thanks for sharing knowledgeable things

  34. J S Bhatia says:

    Sir, I want to know the permissible horizontal distance of 11 KV OH line to the nearest building structure as per IE Rules.

  35. Vasu says:

    sir, please LT pannel design and bus bar design send mail sir thanking you sir

  36. NARENDRASINH says:

    Sir if any PGVCL NORMS is there ? for providing Separate D.P. Structure by customer in his primises ? Pl. reply as it is needed by BSNL Officers for providing this structure they want norms.

  37. prashant wakchaure says:

    sir please send me the erection details of double pole structure with diagram

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