Abstract of IS Code.

  1. IS 3043 / 5039

  2. IS 694 / 1554 / 11892

  3. IS 5613

  4. IS 15652/11171/1445/1678

  5. IS 1255


4 Responses to Abstract of IS Code.

  1. Dhilip says:

    Dear Sir,
    The way of notes & information you have shared is nice which is easily understandable. I needed IS standards for all equipment like Transformer, Motor etc can you please share with me.

    Regards Dhilip

  2. gajendiran says:

    Dear sir,

    this blog very useful for us. i need IS for lightning protection system (3209/1989) it will more helpful for me.

    Gajendiran M

  3. Sajal Mukherjee says:

    Dear Sir, can you upload the the latest book of IE rules?

  4. ANKIT ANAND says:

    sir please give abstract of IS:2705 and IS: 3156

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