Electrical Thumb Rules-Illumination-(Part-17).


Lighting levels

Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)

Building Lux
Areas common to most buildings
Entrance hall, lobby, waiting room 200
Enquiry desk 500
Corridor, passageway, stairs 100
Atria 50-200
Changing room, cloakroom, lavatory 100
Rest room 150
Canteen, cafeteria, dining room 200
Kitchen 300
Commercial offices  
General offices 500
Computer workstations 300-500
Conference rooms, executive offices 500
Computer and data preparation rooms 500
Filing room 300
Banks and building societies  
Counter, office area 500
Public area 300
Entrance halls 100
Reception, cashiers and porters’ desks 300
Bars, coffee bars, dining rooms, grill rooms, restaurants, lounges 50-200
Cloakrooms, baggage, rooms 100
Bedrooms 50-100
Bathrooms 150
Kitchen 150-300
Small retail outlets 500
Grocery/vegetable stores 500
Showrooms 1000
Covered arcades and malls 500-700
Fashion 500-750
Supermarket 750
Restaurant 200
Bookshop, chemist, jeweler 500
Superstore 1000
Electrical/furniture store 750
Arcades and malls 50-300
Places of public assembly
Cinema and theatre foyer 200
Booking office 300
Auditoria 100-150
Library 150-300
Museum art gallery 50-300
Lecture theatre 300
Church 100-300
School and College  
Computer Room 300
Classroom and Tuition Centre 350
Technical Drawing Room 750
Museum and Science Centre  
General Area and Corridor 150
Common Toilet and Restroom 200
Special Lighting for Paintings 300
Special Lighting for Sculptures 750
Retail Shop and Outlet  
Sales Area and Premises 400
Gift Wrap Station 450
Cash Register Counter 500
Commercial Space and Office  
Lift Lobby 200
Corridor 300
Toilet and Restroom 150
Cafeteria 350
Plant Room (AHU, Genset etc.) 150
Store Room 180
Lift Lobby 200
Corridor 250
Waiting Area and Lobby 300
Common Toilet and Restroom 250
Waiting rooms 200
Counseling Room 200
Breast-Feeding Room 200
Intensive Care Unit 300
High Dependency Unit 300
Isolation Room 300
Isolation Room – Ante Room 300
Delivery Suite – Labor Room 300
Simple examination room 300
Operating Theatre – Air-Lock 300
CSSD/TSSU – Sterilization Area 300
CSSD/TSSU – Packing Area 500
Patient Ward – Room 300
Patient Ward – Toilet 150
Operating theatre 1000
Conference Room 400
Catering Dept – Main Kitchen 400
Catering Dept – Beverage Kitchen 300
Catering Dept – Refuse Holding 150
Nursing Homes
Entrance lobbies 200
Lounges (communal) 300
Kitchens 300
Bathrooms 150
Toilets 100
Corridors 100
Staircases 100
Quiet / rest rooms 100
Dining rooms 200
Stores 100
Hotel and Restaurant  
Lift Lobby 150
Corridor 150
Common Toilet and Restroom 150
Bar 150
Bedroom 200
Conference Room 400
Exhibition Hall 500
Cinema, Concert Hall and Theatre  
Entrance Foyer 200
Auditorium 150
Toilet and Restroom 200
Dress Change 300
Make-Up Room 400
Residential Buildings  
Living Room 200
Dining Room 250
Kitchen 250
Bedroom 180
Bathroom 150


Lighting Levels

Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)

Area Illuminance (lux)
Lifts 100
Corridors and stairs 100
Toilets 100
Canteens 300
Mess rooms 150 – 300
Plant rooms 150 – 300
Store rooms 100


Recommended Lighting Levels

Singapore Standards SS 531-1 : 2006 (2013)

Type of area, task or activity Lux
Shipyards & Docks  
Shipyard area, storage areas 20
Short term handling of large units 20
Ship hull cleaning 50
Ship hull painting and welding 100
Mounting of electrical and mechanical components 200
Building Sites  
Clearance, excavation and loading 20
Construction areas, drain pipes mounting, auxiliary and storage tasks 50
Framework element mounting, light reinforcement work, wooden mould and framework mounting, electric piping and cabling 100
Element jointing, electrical machine and pipe mountings 200
Very Low Risk: Storage areas with occasional traffic in industrial outdoor 5
Low Risk: Occasionally used platforms and stairs in petrochemical industries 10
Medium Risk: Pre-Fabrication yards, Vehicle storage, Fuel storage 20
High Risk: Areas with pits / excavations, Valves, compressors area, regularly used staircase and platforms 50
Office Interior  
Filing, copying 300
Writing, reading, Data processing 500
Technical drawings 750
CAD work stations 500
Conf& Meeting rooms 500
Reception desk 300


Recommended Lighting Levels 


Area Lux
General Area
Entrance halls 100
Lounges 200
Circulation area and corridors 100
Stairs, escalators, travelators 150
Loading ramps/bays 150
Canteens 200
Rest rooms 100
Rooms for physical exercise 300
Cloakrooms, washrooms, bathrooms, toilets 200
Sick bay 500
Rooms for medical attention 500
Plant rooms, switch gear rooms 500
Dispatch packing handling areas 300
Control station 150
Agriculture building
Loading and operating of goods handling equipment and machinery 200
Building for livestock 50
Sick animal pens, calving stalls 200
Feed preparation, dairy, utensil washing 200
Preparation and baking 300
Finishing, glazing,decorating 500
Cement, concrete, & bricks industry
Drying 50
Preparation of materials,work on kilns and mixers 200
General machine work 300
Rough forms 300
Ceramics and glass industry
Drying 50
Preparation, general machine work 300
Enameling, rolling, pressing, shaping simple parts, glazing 300
Grinding, engraving, glass polishing, shaping precision parts, manufacture of glass instruments 750
Decorative work 500
Grinding of optical glass, crystal hand grinding and engraving, work on average goods 750
Precision work e.g decorative grinding, hand painting 1000
Manufacture of synthetic stones precious 1500
Chemicals, plastics and rubber industry
Remote operated processing installations 50
Processing installations with limited manual intervention 150
Constantly manned work places in processing installations 300
Precision measuring rooms, laboratories 500
Pharmaceutical production 500
Tire production 500
Color inspection 1000
Cutting, finishing, inspection 750
Electrical industry
Cable and wire manufacture 300
Wending -large coils 300
Wending-medium-sized coils 500
Wending-small Coils 750
Coil impregnating 300
Galvanizing 300
Assembly work-rough e.g. large transformers 300
Assembly work- medium e.g. switchboards 500
Assembly work- fine e.g. telephones 750
Assembly work-precision e.g. measuring equip. 1000
Assembly work-Electronic workshops, testing, adjusting 1500
Prayer Area, Mosques 300
Arrival and departure halls, baggage claim areas 200
Connecting areas, escalators, travelators 150
Information desks, check in desks 500
Customs and passport control desks 500
Waiting areas 200
Luggage store rooms 200
Security check areas 300
Air traffic control tower 500
Air traffic rooms 500
Testing and repair hangars 500
Engine test areas 500
Measuring areas in hangars 500
Platforms and passenger subways (underpasses) 50
Ticket hall and concourse 200
Ticket and luggage offices and counters 300
Waiting rooms 200
Health care premises
Waiting rooms 200
Corridors: during the day 200
Corridors: during the night 50
Day rooms 200
Staff office 500
Staff rooms 300
 Wards-General lighting 100
 Wards-Reading lighting 300
Wards-Simple examination 300
Examination and treatment 1000
Night lighting, observation lighting 5
Bathrooms and toilets for patients 200
Examination room general 500
Ear and eye examination 1000
Reading and Color vision test with vision charts 500
Scanners with image enhancers and television systems 50
Dialysis rooms 500
Dermatology rooms 500
Endoscopy rooms 300
Plaster rooms 500
Medical baths 300
Massage and radiotherapy 300
Pre-operation and recovery rooms 500
Operating theatre 1000
Intensive care- General lighting 100
Intensive care- Simple examinations 300
Intensive care-Examination and treatment 1000
Intensive care– Night watch 20
Dentists- General lighting 500
Dentists- At the patient 1000
Dentists- Operating cavity 5000
Dentists- White teeth matching 5000
Color inspection (laboratories) 1000
Sterilization rooms 300
Disinfection rooms 300
Autopsy rooms and mortuaries 500
Autopsy table and dissecting table 5000
Educational buildings
Play school room 300
Nursery class 300
Nursery craft room 300
Classrooms, tutorial rooms 300
Classroom for evening classes and adults education 500
Lecture hall 500
Black board 500
Demonstration table 500
Art and craft rooms 500
Art rooms in art schools 750
Technical drawing rooms 750
Practical rooms and laboratories 500
Teaching workshop 500
Music practice rooms 300
Computer practice rooms 500
Language laboratory 300
Preparation rooms and workshops 500
Student common rooms and assembly halls 200
Teachers rooms 300
Sports halls, gymnasiums and swimming pools 300
Public car parks (indoor)
In/out ramps 300
In/out ramps (at night)  75
Traffic lanes 75
Parking areas 75
Ticket office 300
Bookshelves 200
Reading area 500
Counters 500
Places of entertainment
Theatres & concert halls 200
Multipurpose halls 300
Practice rooms, dressing rooms 300
Museums (general) 300
Restaurants and hotels
Reception/cashier desk, porters desk 300
Kitchen 500
Restaurant, dining room, function room 200
Self-service restaurant 200
Buffet 300
Conference rooms 500
Corridors 100
Sales area small 300
Sales area large 500
Till area 500
Wrapper table 500


Illuminance values

As per IES

Area Type Lux
Corridors, Passageway 100
Lift 150
Stairs 150
Escalator 150
External Covered Ways 30
Entrance halls, lobbies, waiting rooms 150
Enquiry desk 500
Gate houses 300
Foods stores 150
General 500
Controlled entrance halls or  exit gate 150
Entrance and exit car park 30
Stores, stockyards 30
Industrial covered ways 50
Centre cafeterias, dining room 300
Consultant room, treatment areas 500
Medical stores 100
Rest room 150
Changing locker and cleaner’s room, cloakrooms lavatories 150
Rest rooms 150
Telecommunication board,switchboard rooms 500
Cordless switchboard 300
Apparatus rooms 150
Teteprinter rooms 500
Aircraft engine testing 750
Inspection and repairs (hanger) 500
External apron general 50
Pumps 300
Parking areas (interior) general repairs servicing 30
Greasing, pits washing, polishing 500
Exterior walkways and platforms 50
Exterior stairs and ladders 100
Retort house, oil gas plants, watergas plant purifier, indoor coke 100
Booster and exhauster houses 150
General 1000
Rough work e.g. counting rough Checking of stock parts 300
sub-assemblies 500
Fine work e.g. radio and telecommunication equipment, calibrated scales, precision mechanism, instruments 1000
Very fine work e.g. gauging and inspections of small intricate parts 1500
Minute work e.g. very small instruments 3000
Living rooms general 50
Casual reading 150
Sewing darningsrudies desk and protuged 300
Bedroom general 50
Bed lead kitchen 150
Bathrooms 100
Halls and landings 150
Stairs 100
Workshops 300
Garages 50
Athletics, basketball, bowls, judo 300
Hockey 700
General  Table special lighting 100
Top pool 500
Spectator areas 150
Club recreational 300
Changing rooms showers, lookers rooms 150
Club 300
Recreational 200
Ward unit bed heads general 30
General 150
Nurse station evening 300
Pharmacies dispensing bench 500
Shelves 150
Reception general 300
Enquiry desk 500
Laboratories 500
Operating theatre suits general 400
Operating area 30-50
X-ray department radio diagnostic and rooms fluoroscopy 500
Airport coach and railway station
Reception areas (desk),customs and immigration halls 500
Railway stations booking offices 500
Railway station parcel and left luggage offices counters 300
Circulation area 150
Waiting area 300
Assembly halls general 300
Teaching spaces general 300
Teaching spaces general 300
General where also used for further education 500
Chalkboard 500
Beedlework rooms 500
Laboratories 500
Workshop 300
Gymnasium 300
Music practice rooms 300
Exhibits insensitive to light 300
Light sensitive exhibits 150
Specially light sensitive exhibit 50
Shelves, book stack 150
Reading table 300
Reading rooms, newspaper and magazines 300
Reference libraries 500
Counters 500
Cataloging and sorting 500
Binding 500
Closed book store 100
Theatre and concert halls 100
Cinemas 50
Multipurpose 500
Conventional with counters 500
Conventional with wall display 500
Conventional with wall display 500
Self service 500
Supermarkets 500
Hypermarkets 500
General 500
Executive office 500
Computer rooms 500
Punch card rooms 750
Drawing offices drawing boards 750
Reference table and general 500
Print room 300
General office with mainly clerical task and typing office 500
Deep plan general offices 750
Business machine and typing 750
Filling room 300
Conference rooms 750
Aircraft Industry
Maintenance area 750
Inspection area 1000
Paint Shop 1000
Testing area 750
Instruments assembly 1500
Electrical assembly 1500
Explosives Manufacturing
Furnaces, Boiling Tanks, Driers 200
Mechanical furnaces, mechanical driers, generators 500
Paint Shop
Simple spraying 200
Fine finishing 500
Extra fine finishing 2000
Paint Manufacturing
Processing 200-500
Mix comparison 1000-2000
Electricity generating station
Boilers area 50
Cooling towers 50
Fuel handling 50
Storage tanks 10
Transformer yards 50
Turbine areas 50
Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
Process areas
General process units
Pump rows, valves, manifolds 50
Heat exchangers 30
Maintenance platforms 10
Operating platforms 50
Cooling towers (equipment areas) 50
Furnaces 30
Ladders and stairs (inactive) 10
Ladders and stairs (active) 50
Gauge glassed 50
Instruments (on process units) 50
Compressor house 200
Separators 50
General area 10
Control rooms and houses
Ordinary control house 300
Instrument panel 300
Console 300
Back of panel 100
Central control house 500
Instrument panel 500
Console 500
Back of panel 100
Specialty process units
Electrolytic cell room 50
Electric furnace 50
Conveyors 20
Conveyor transfer points Change house 50
Locker room, shower 100
Lavatory 100
Clock house and entrance gatehouse Card rack and clock area 100
Entrance gate, inspection 150
General 50
Eating 300
Serving area 300
Food preparation 300
General, halls, etc. 100
Garage and firehouse
Storage and minor repairs 100
First aid room 700
Iron and Steel Industry
Open hearth
Stock yard 100
Charging floor, Pouring side , Slag pits 200
Control platforms 300
Mold yard 50
Kilns (operating area) 50
Extruders and mixers 200
Non process areas
Loading, unloading, and cooling
water pump houses
Pump area 50
General control area 150
Control panel 200
Boiler and air compressor plants
Indoor equipments 200
Outdoor equipments 50
Tank fields (where lighting is required)
Ladders and stairs 5
Gauging area 10
Manifold area 5
Loading racks
General area 50
Tank car 100
Tank trucks, loading point 100
Electrical substations and switch yards
Outdoor switch yards 20
General substation outdoor 20
Substation operating aisles 150
General substation indoor 50
Switch racks 50
Plant road lighting (where lighting is Required)
Frequent use (trucking) 4
Infrequent use 2
Plant parking lots Aircraft obstruction lighting 1
Laboratories Qualitative, quantitative and physical test 500
Research, experimental 500
Pilot plant, process and specialty 300
ASTM equipment knock test 300
Glassware, washrooms 300
Fume hoods 300
Stock rooms 150
Warehouse and stock rooms
Indoor bulk storage 50
Outdoor bulk storage 5
Large bin storage 50
Small bin storage 100
Small parts storage 200
Counter tops 300
Repair shop
Large fabrication 200
Bench and machine work 500
Craneway, aisles 150
Small machine 300
Sheet metal 200
Electrical 200
Instrument 300
Hot top 300
Hot top storage 100
Checker cellar 100
Buggy and door repair 300
Stripping yard 200
Scrap stockyard 100
Mixer building 300
Calcining building 100
Skull cracker 100
Rolling mills
Blooming, scabbing, hot strip Hot sheet 300
Cold strip, plate 300
Pipe, rod, tube, wire drawing 500
Merchant and sheared plate 300
Tin plate mills Tinning and galvanizing 500
Cold strip rolling 500
Motor room, machine room Inspection 1000
Black plate, bloom and billet chipping Tin plate and other bright surfaces 2000


About Jignesh.Parmar (B.E,Mtech,MIE,FIE,CEng)
Jignesh Parmar has completed M.Tech (Power System Control), B.E(Electrical). He is member of Institution of Engineers (MIE) and CEng,India. Membership No:M-1473586.He has more than 16 years experience in Transmission -Distribution-Electrical Energy theft detection-Electrical Maintenance-Electrical Projects (Planning-Designing-Technical Review-coordination -Execution). He is Presently associate with one of the leading business group as a Deputy Manager at Ahmedabad,India. He has published numbers of Technical Articles in “Electrical Mirror”, “Electrical India”, “Lighting India”,”Smart Energy”, “Industrial Electrix”(Australian Power Publications) Magazines. He is Freelancer Programmer of Advance Excel and design useful Excel base Electrical Programs as per IS, NEC, IEC,IEEE codes. He is Technical Blogger and Familiar with English, Hindi, Gujarati, French languages. He wants to Share his experience & Knowledge and help technical enthusiasts to find suitable solutions and updating themselves on various Engineering Topics.

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    Sadashiv Salaskar


  3. Milan darji says:

    Dear sir,
    Please tell me why we make broken delta connection in pt secondary side also i have refer some research paper and visit some site but i couldn’t find it completely i have learn 59N relay can be installed but please sir clear my with vector solution. why we need damping resistor in ferroressonance effect please tell me with vector sollution.

  4. ahmed abdelrazik Elshenawy says:

    hello my name is ahmed from egypt and warking teaching assistant at the university and i uploaded your wonderful excell sheet to calculate DESIGN OF SOLAR PANEL / BATTERY BANK / INVERTOR
    but i have a problem I need a password to make this sheet unprotected please to continue my design please >> thanks a lot .. god bless you

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