Simple Calculation of Flood Light, Facade Light, Street Light & Signage Light-(Part1)


  • Outdoor Lighting can be classified according to the location where it can be installed or its function which use for highlight landscape area.
  • Outdoor Lighting can be classified as
  1. Flood Lighting,
  2. Facade Lighting and
  3. Signage Lighting
  4. Street Light

(A) General Outdoor Flood Lighting:

  • Normally Pole mounted floodlights are used to illuminate general lighting area of parking lots and storage yards. 
  • There are three factor should be consider while designing of outdoor flood lighting.
  1. Mounting Height.
  2. Spacing
  3. Aiming Distance.
  4. Horizontal Aiming.

1) Mounting Height:

  • Mounting height should be one half the distance across the area to be lighted.
  • If the area to be lighted is 16 Meter, the lowest recommended mounting height is 8 Meter. 
  • Mounting height = 1/2 distance to be lighted
  • 1/2 (16 Meter.) = 8 Meter. 


2) Spacing:

  • When more than one Luminar / pole is required than distance between two adjacent luminar / Pole is 4 times Mounting height of luminar /pole.
  • If the mounting height of luminar /Pole is 8 Meter than distance between adjacent Luminar is 32 Meter.
  • Pole Spacing = 4 x mounting height.
  • 4 (8 Meter pole) = 32 Meter between poles


3) Vertical Aiming:

  • The fixture should be aimed 2/3 of the distance across the area to be lighted and at least 30 degrees below horizontal. 
  • If the area to be lighted is 16 Meter across, the recommended aiming point is 10.6 Meter.
  • Aiming point = 2/3 Distance to be lighted.
  • 2/3 (16 Meter) = 10.6 Meter aiming point
  • To minimize glare, the recommended aiming point distance should never exceed twice the mounting height.
  • If a pole is 8 Meter high, the vertical aiming point should not exceed 16 Meter.  
  • 2 (8 Meter mounting height) = 16 Meter. 


4) Horizontal Aiming:

  • When two floodlights is mounted to a single pole then horizontal aiming also must be considered.
  • Each floodlight should be vertically aimed according to the two-thirds rule. 
  • The floodlights should be aimed up to 90 degrees apart. 


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