Pirating of Technical Works.

It has been observed that some people totally copy past of this blog and parallel republished all posts of this blog again on their Blog   .

Lots of time has been spent to read Books,Manuals,Handbooks and combined it with  practical experience to serve Handy Electrical tools,Notes to serve the Electrical Community.This Blog is a fusion of Theoretical and Practically knowledge to make all technical things easier to understand.

Please look at following totally copy past material of  this  Blog. 

After publishing Post on this Blog. Other Blogger republished the same post on their Blog .the blogger did not even change THE COLOR OF THE FONT while copy past and not even Chang the Title of the Post ….. All reader keeps their eyes on Date of original Post and date of copy past blog. Following blogger neither take any permission of the original blogger to republished the post nor give any credit by putting Reference of original post.

Blogger No-1

(1) Original post :https://electricalnotes.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/electrical-thumb-rules-part-1-2/

Copy past post of other blogger: http://myelectricalnote.blogspot.in/2013/08/electrical-thumb-rules.html

(2)Original post :https://electricalnotes.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/calculate-numbers-of-platepipestrip-earthing-for-system/

Copy past post of other blogger:http://myelectricalnote.blogspot.in/2013/04/calculate-numbers-of-platepipestrip.html

(3) Original post : https://electricalnotes.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/calculate-numbers-of-platepipestrip-earthings-part-3/

Copy past post of other blogger: http://myelectricalnote.blogspot.in/2013/04/calculate-numbers-of-platepipestrip_10.html

(4) Original post :https://electricalnotes.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/type-of-earthing-systems-in-electrical-distribution/

Copy past post of other blogger:http://myelectricalnote.blogspot.in/2013/05/type-of-electrical-power-distribution.html

(5) Original post :https://electricalnotes.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/parallel-operation-of-transformers/

Copy past post of other blogger: http://myelectricalnote.blogspot.in/2013/03/parallel-operation-of-transformers_7.html

Blogger No-2

(1) Original post :https://electricalnotes.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/electrical-thumb-rules-part-8/

Copy past post of other blogger http://www.electricalinfo.co.in/electrical-thumb-rules-part-8/

(2)Original post :https://electricalnotes.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/type-of-mcb-distribution-board/

Copy past post of other blogger:http://www.electricalinfo.co.in/difference-tpn-4p-spn-dp/#comment-1119

(3) Original post :https://electricalnotes.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/electrical-thumb-rules-part-1-2/

Copy past post of other blogger:http://www.electricalinfo.co.in/electrical-thumb-rules-part-1/

It is wast of time to put all lists of copy past items because this copy past list is long…………………..


About Jignesh.Parmar
Jignesh Parmar has completed M.Tech (Power System Control), B.E(Electrical). He is member of Institution of Engineers (MIE) and CEng,India. Membership No:M-1473586.He has more than 16 years experience in Transmission -Distribution-Electrical Energy theft detection-Electrical Maintenance-Electrical Projects (Planning-Designing-Technical Review-coordination -Execution). He is Presently associate with one of the leading business group as a Deputy Manager at Ahmedabad,India. He has published numbers of Technical Articles in “Electrical Mirror”, “Electrical India”, “Lighting India”,”Smart Energy”, “Industrial Electrix”(Australian Power Publications) Magazines. He is Freelancer Programmer of Advance Excel and design useful Excel base Electrical Programs as per IS, NEC, IEC,IEEE codes. He is Technical Blogger and Familiar with English, Hindi, Gujarati, French languages. He wants to Share his experience & Knowledge and help technical enthusiasts to find suitable solutions and updating themselves on various Engineering Topics.

17 Responses to Pirating of Technical Works.

  1. samuel says:

    please sir ,dont be angry that your work is being pirated rather you should be happy that you have material that is worth copying.anay body can copy and paste stuff but only a few would be able to defend such posting.and i know because it is your own work you would be able to defend.you should not be afraid ultimately you would be rewarded.
    lastly i woul;d like you to know that i am one of your aradent follower i foud you material inspiring.i have lalways thought of having a phd in Elect/elect engr but sometimes it feels like its imnpossible especially wuth my kind of backgroud(HND) but your blogg seeing someone like you enecourages me .keep up the good work.

    • I am always ready to share knowledge and always ready to learn new things and for this humble purpose I have started this Blog.
      It will be my pleasure ,if I my work is useful to others.
      All things on this blog are free of cost for reading and use of Excel sheet without any Fees.
      If some one need special service than and than some nominal Charges are made on it.
      But My question is if we are totally copy from some others source than we have to put “Reference link” or “Reference” as a credit to it’s original publisher.
      My point is knowledge sharing not bad but in which way you sharing is important

  2. Andrew Carson says:

    That is shocking stuff. Keep up the good work Jignesh Andrew Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 18:16:10 +0000

  3. Paneer SELVAM (ETS Limited, Dubai) says:

    It is sad to look at the CUT and PASTE writers .

    Paneer Selvam | Manager (Marketing)

    Emirates Transformer & Switchgear Limited

    Post Box No 16842 | Jebel Ali | Dubai | United Arab Emirates

    P Save a tree…please don’t print this e-mail unless you really need to.

  4. RAVISHANKER.G says:

    That is how world has always reacted to class acts . Real one’s are always copied / replicated . The cream of your subscribers/ readers will understand the source & the author … Please continue with your classic outputs

  5. NE subra says:

    Totally Unethical and Unacceptable.Due permission ought to be taken and credit should be given to the original blogger.what to do it keeps on happening in all fields

  6. muqq says:

    just igonor them

  7. Sufi says:

    Don’t worry Parmar, the professionals know you and your work in electricalnotes and in EEP.

  8. murli says:

    Poor one……. Let it be leave……. 🙂

  9. ajmal says:

    Dear sir
    don’t get angry ,they can only do copy and past
    we are know and believe your expertness and hard work .
    go ahead Mr Parmar we are with you for any kind of support and help

  10. asfandyar says:

    great contribution and perfect conceptual knowledge for hunters.

  11. nathan says:

    No one can duplicate you, if its not Parmar work it can never be like Parmar work, piracy is a worm,.

  12. Amit Choudhary says:

    Dear Mr. Parmar,
    I am a daily visitor of your blog and learn many things from your blog. I just wana to tell you that please share your knowledge like the same way as you are doing. We all know MR JIGNESH PARMAR not those peoples who are doing the copy paste. Please do good for the society and we are with you always.

  13. RAJEEV JAKHAR says:

    Mr. Jignesh is contributing great knowledge and sharing his expertise.It is really bad to copy and take advantage in terms of claiming fame.Just read learn and appreciate the hardwork put in by Jignesh.

  14. Nalla says:

    I am regular of your article and of course i purchase certain useful stuff . This technical world is so small and people can recognise the hard work in one time . Keep this blog going . Thanks

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