Minimum Electrical Clearance.

Minimum Electrical Clearance As Per BS:162.

Voltage in KV Phase to earth in mm Phase to phase in mm
0.415 15.8 19.05
0.600 19.05 19.05
3.3 50.8 50.8
6.6 63.5 88.9
11 76.2 127.0
15 101.6 165.1
22 139.7 241.3
33 222.25 355.6

Minimum Electrical Clearance As Per BS:162.

Voltage in KV Phase to earth in mm Phase to phase in mm
6.6 139.7 177.8
11 177.8 228.6
22 279.4 330.2
33 381 431.8
66 685.8 787.4
110 863.6 990.6
132 1066.8 1219.2
220 1778 2057.4

 Minimum Working Clearance:

Voltage in KV To ground in mm Between section(mm)
11 2750 2500
33 3700 2800
66 4000 3000
132 4600 3500
220 5500 4500

 Minimum Ground Clearance As Per IE-1956(Rule 77)

Voltage in KV To ground in mm
132 6.10
220 7.00
400 8.84
800 12.40

Minimum Clearance between Lines Crossing Each Other (IE-1957)

System Voltage 132KV 220KV 400KV 800KV
Low & Medium 3.05 4.58 5.49 7.94
11-66KV 3.05 4.58 5.49 7.94
132KV 3.05 4.58 5.49 7.94
220KV 4.58 4.58 5.49 7.94
400KV 5.49 5.49 5.49 7.94
800KV 7.94 7.94 7.94 7.94

Minimum Height above Railway As Per IE-1957

Voltage Broad Meter & Narrow Gauges
Above 66KV up to 132KV 14.60 Meter
Above 132KV up to 220KV 15.40 Meter
Above 220KV up to 400KV 17.90 Meter
Above 400KV up to 500KV 19.30 Meter
Above 500KV up to 800KV 23.40 Meter

Various Air clearances to be provided as per IE rule 64

Voltage KV 33KV 66KV 110KV 220KV 400KV
BIL (Kvp) 170 325 550 1050 1425
P-E (cm) 30 63 115 240 350
P-P(cm) 40 75 135 210 410
P-G (Meter) 3.7 4.0 4.6 5.5 8.0
Section Clearance(Mt) 2.8 3.0 3.5 4.3 6.5

Clearances from Buildings of HT and EHT voltage lines IE Rule 80

Vertical Distance
High voltage lines up to 33KV 3.7 Meter
Extra High Voltage 3.7 Meter + Add 0.3 meter for every additional 33KV
Horizontal clearance between the conductor and Building
High Voltage Up to 11 KV 1.2 Meter
11KV To 33KV 2.0 Meter
Extra High Voltage 2.0 Meter + Add 0.3 meter for every additional 33KV

Clearance above ground of the lowest conductor As per IE Rule 77

Over head Line Across Street
Low and Medium Voltage 5.8 Meter
High Voltage 6.1 Meter
Over head Line Along  Street (Parallel To Street)
Low and Medium Voltage 5.5 Meter
High Voltage 5.8  Meter
Over head Line Without Across or Along  Street
Low/Medium /HT line up to 11KV If Bare Conductor 4.6 Meter
Low/Medium /HT line up to 11KV If Insulated Conductor 4.0 Meter
Above 11  KV Line 5.2 Meter
Above 33KV Line 5.8 Meter + Add 0.3 meter for every additional 33KV

Clearance between conductors and Trolley / Tram wires (IE Rule 78)

Low and Medium Voltage 1.2 Meter
High Voltage Line Up to 11KV 1.8 Meter
High Voltage Line Above to 11KV 2.5 Meter
Extra High Voltage Line 3.0 Meter

 Clearances from Buildings of low & medium voltage lines(IE Rule 79 )

For  Flat roof, Open Balcony, Verandah Roof and lean to Roof
Line Passes Over Building Vertical Clearance 2.5 Meter
Line Passes Adjustment of Building Horizontal Clearance 1.2 Meter
For pitched Roof
Line Passes Over Building Vertical Clearance 2.5 Meter
Line Passes Adjustment of Building Horizontal Clearance 1.2 Meter

About Jignesh.Parmar (B.E,Mtech,MIE,FIE,CEng)
Jignesh Parmar has completed M.Tech (Power System Control), B.E(Electrical). He is member of Institution of Engineers (MIE) and CEng,India. Membership No:M-1473586.He has more than 16 years experience in Transmission -Distribution-Electrical Energy theft detection-Electrical Maintenance-Electrical Projects (Planning-Designing-Technical Review-coordination -Execution). He is Presently associate with one of the leading business group as a Deputy Manager at Ahmedabad,India. He has published numbers of Technical Articles in “Electrical Mirror”, “Electrical India”, “Lighting India”,”Smart Energy”, “Industrial Electrix”(Australian Power Publications) Magazines. He is Freelancer Programmer of Advance Excel and design useful Excel base Electrical Programs as per IS, NEC, IEC,IEEE codes. He is Technical Blogger and Familiar with English, Hindi, Gujarati, French languages. He wants to Share his experience & Knowledge and help technical enthusiasts to find suitable solutions and updating themselves on various Engineering Topics.

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  1. S.CHELLAPPA says:

    There seems to be an inadvertent error (probably typing error)Under the heading
    “Minimum Ground Clearance As Per IE-1957 (Rule 77)”, the heights are given in mm
    Kindly correct the same

    • Shivaji Mande says:

      Jignesh sir,

      Can you pl. explain, what should be the height of foundation of Indoor transformer (22KV, 1 MVA) from ground. Which standard do we refer for that???

  2. Vikas Garg says:

    i m Electrical Engineer with 2 year of experiance in grid construction and transmission. can u please suggest me some Electrical handbooks

  3. Ramachandra laxman says:

    Hai sir. can u please tell me what is the clearence between two phases in a 11KV indoor substation panel.

  4. hari says:

    Hai sir.
    can u please tell me what will be the clearence between phase to phases of 11 kv line & 220 line as when new 11 kv line to be erected /passed just below at mid point tower of 220 kv line

    Hari Vallavah
    Mail ID hari.v.sharma

  5. S A PATEL says:

    Empty Drum to be removed from transformer area.

    is it comes the Indian electricity rule -64 ?

    Safety inspector has given the command to remove the empty oil drums from transformer yard.

    is it ok as per ie rule – 64 ???

    • IE-64
      (iv) State in case of transformers or switches or static condensers involving the use of more than 2,275 litres of oil in one chamber, if suitable oil soak pits are provided.
      (v) Where 9,000 litres or more of oil is used in any one oil tank, has provision been made for draining away or removal of oil which may leak or escape from such tank(s)?
      9000 liters of oil in any one oil tank, receptacle or chamber is involved,provision shall be made for the draining away or removal of any oil which may leak
      or escape from the tanks receptacles or chambers containing the same, special precautions shall be taken to prevent the spread of any fire resulting from the
      ignition of the oil from any cause and adequate provision shall be made for extinguishing any fire which may occur. Spare oil shall not be stored in an such
      sub-station or switch station.

      There is no any indication for Empty Barrel. If The Authorized person said to remove barrel as a safety view than it is understood.Please follow one Golden Rule Do not argue the Person who have authority so follow Instruction of authorized person to sort out issue.

  6. Pradeep Kumar Yadav says:

    Hi sir,

    I am working in BHEL as a electrical engineer . Can you please tell me what is the minimum clearance required between 33 KV underground power cable and GAIL gas pipeline. kindly reply me soon with some evident documents .

    Matter Urgent

    Pradeep Kumar yadav


      2.3 Telephone, Water, Sewerage & Gas Services
      The service facilities for telephone, water, sewerage, gas, etc. shall not be permitted to be laid within the cable reservations. The following minimum clearances shall be
      observed for respective service lines at crossing points. Such crossings may not be permitted if the cable’s rating / integrity will be affected in any way by the services to
      cross the cable reserve.
      Service/Utility Vertical clearance (Minimum)
      Water & TSE Mains (to crossbelow EHV cable level) 500 mm
      Water distribution lines 200 mm above cable protective tile Sewerage Mains (to cross below EHV cable level)=
      1000 mm
      Drainage= 500 mm below the cable or
      200 mm above the cable protective tile
      Gas pipes= 600 mm
      Telephone lines =200 mm above the cable protective tile
      LV / 11kV cables 150 150 mm above the cable protective tile

      • Pradeep Kumar Yadav says:

        In my case the GAIL Gas line is approximately 1000mm below the ground and I am planning to keep power cable 500mm inside PVC conduit below the Gas pipeline, I am unable to execute it due to lack of supporting document, can you please suggest me any source for this.

        Pradeep Kumar Yadav

      • As per IS 1255
        Clearances — The desired minimum clearances are as follows:
        Power cable to power cable Clearance not necessary;
        however, larger the
        clearance, better would be
        current carrying capacity
        Power cable to control cables : 0.2 m
        Power cable to communication cable : 0.3 m
        Power cable to gas/water main : 0.3 m

        As per The Iranian Petroleum Standards (IPS)-160
        FOR 400/230 volt.
        Minimum vertical distance between power cables and gas pipelines in intersections.
        TABLE 3
        380/220 volt 0.5
        20 kilo volt 1
        63 kilo volt 1.5

      • Henri Botha says:

        Water pipeline to be 500mm from an 11kv MV cable?
        Is this assumption correct?
        Can you please advise?

        Henri Botha
        Electrical Superintendant
        Ulan West Mines Australia

  7. amin ur rashid khan mayo says:

    my learned sir,
    i am not an electrical engineer but as an internal auditor i have to deal with them,here in pakistan.
    we installed static meters on connection above 5kw,especially CNG connection escaping by paying penalty against LPF,how ever the kvarh showing,consumer using ground earth system. notices issued to consumer for improving pf but in vain, do i proceed further if u agree. thank you

  8. antony says:

    I have a 500kva generator supply a 53km 33kV line with over 8 transformers along differents points of the load centres. th line is built soundly but has a problem of tripping the generator everytime. i have been told it’s a problem of capacitance build up. can you kindly explain what could be the problem with this line


  9. antony says:

    can 150kVa transformer supply a 23km 33kv line? if yes after how long should the conductors be transposed

  10. om prakash dashora , Assistant Manager , MPRRDA. Dhar says:

    How maney minimum vertical clearance should be adopted for highway construction under power line 400 kv.

  11. can a portion(300mtr span) of 400kV HT overhead line be replaced with underground cable on the outskirts of mumbai. What would be the cost and time for completion of 300mtr span. Please coment

  12. sanjay says:

    How to decide the busbar size & how to decide the electrical clearences between phase to phase ,phase to earth?

  13. sanjay says:

    What is the exact difference between precision & accuracy?

  14. prashant agrawal says:

    i am a petrol pump owner wants to know about the minimum distance from over head high tension line (11-33kva) from a petrol pump licence area.

    • Nazeer says:

      Hi sir iam working in 33.2 mv substation. Here in daily 5 to 6 a day voltage fluctuavatio (under voltage, over voltage) i want to know what is the resens behind that fault.

    • Rupendra says:

      inew petrol pump wants to know about the minimum distance from over head high tension line (11-33kva) from a petrol pump licence area.

  15. gajendiran says:

    i need clarification, minimum distance from Transformer HT side to fencing

  16. vikas says:

    my name is vikas working as surveyor in aptransco.
    sir i can do towerspotting manually .can i have any indian software for the tower spotting .please refer

  17. gajendiran says:


    i’m gajendiran working as Electrical engineer in L&T.

    minimum clearance between 22KV HT cable & LT ,LV cable in UG system

  18. Ejaz Ahamed says:

    Hi sir,
    Could you please tell me the minimum space required around an indoor substation(33/415v) so as to attain fire safety requirements?…

  19. Naveen says:

    pls refer any book for substation design. I want Know details of SAS also.

  20. Nikita says:

    I am interested to buy an apartment near electrical transmission line (it looks like very very high power line).
    Builder has maintained distance from centre line of powerline to building at 75 meters..
    Is there any health hazard involved in living near high tension line?

  21. Ar M S Devarmani says:

    Please tell me what will be clear horizontal and vertical distance between 110kv line and building, as i am comming up with resdiantial building beside 110kv line in karnataka. as per KEB SR

  22. mega says:

    why we have maintain phase to phase clearance? if we did’t maintain the clearance…what will happen?


    • R u Electrical engineer !!!

    • karthick says:

      y upper & lower lips have some gap for eating

      ph to ph clearance to aviod short circuit of phase to phase

    • Marcos says:

      For obvious reasons.
      But there are indicated minimun values.
      The real minimun I believe should be checked against line reactance and other parameters, as there may be for example loses due to these factors.
      (btw: i am not electrical, i am civil. Sorry for my comments, may be unaccurate or wrong)

  23. manoj arora says:

    Hi Friends , Need ur advice ……..

    What should be the minimum vertical clearance between 11 KV HT ABC(3*35+75 sq mm) and 415 LT ABC(2*16+25 sq mm) . Both the cables are crossing at one point ( Used for overhead distribution system)

    Thanx in advance

    Waiting for response
    Manoj Arora

  24. manoj arora says:

    waiting for advice

  25. Power cable to power cable Clearance not necessary;
    however, larger the clearance current carrying capacity would be better

  26. manoj arora says:

    didnt get you sir .

    just wanted to know about this particular case:

    11 KV HT ABC used for 10KVA Distribution Transformer , Further 415 V LT ABC for laying LT Lines

  27. muthukumaran says:

    Hi could you share What does the IEC mentions about the clearanace between phase to ground and phase to phase ,For the variuos voltage levels?

  28. sudarshan says:

    We are going to installing in 11kv/420 transformer opencast mine in one shed.what is safe distance for installing control panels and starters? what are safety we have to follow /

  29. Abhishek Sarkar says:

    what is the minimum ground clearance required for a low tension aerial bunched cable line?

  30. Hemant Sali says:

    Dear Jignesh please correct the reference of Indian Electricity Rules as IE Rules 1956 instead of 57. Besides Central Electricity Authority Regulations Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply 2010 have replaced IE Rules. Refer Govt of India Notification dated 24 September 2010.

    • Thanks for highlighting Typing ERROR.

      • Hemant Sali says:

        I had also mentioned IE Rules have been replaced with the regulations as, safety measures for Generation Transmission Distribution and Use of Electrical Power have so far been regulated by Indian Electricity Rules 1956 and as amended time to time. These Rules were made as per the Section 37 of Indian Electricity Act 1910 by Central Electricity Board. After enactment of Electricity Act 2003, the Indian Electricity Act 1910 stood repealed as per Section 185 of EA 2003. However the savings from the same section clause (2) (c) states that:
        “the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 made under section 37 of the Indian Electricity Act, 1910 (9 of 1910) as it stood before repeal shall continue to be in force till the regulation under section 53 of this Act are made”
        As per the powers conferred to Central Electricity Authority (CEA), by section 177 clause (2) (b) read with section 53 of Electricity Act 2003, stating to provide ‘suitable measures relating to safety and electric supply’notified Regulations were published on website of CEA. Its date of publish in Gazette of India is 24th September 2010.

      • Dear Completely Agree with You. But Still Lots of Engineer confused between IE Act and IE Rule and it’s revision (Further Grid Code,supply code,GERC for gujarat).I have also faced a problem in one Interview in Power distribution company. I could not succeed to explain interviewer about IE Rule and IE Act. Interviewer himself was confused between IE Rules and IE act.By the way thanks for explained it deeply.

  31. Hemant Sali says:

    for clearance between underground electrical cable and other utility service like gas, water, sewage pipe lines is there any reference in IEC or IEEE

  32. ram says:

    please send me notes regarding testing,commisioning,operation & maintenance of electrical equipments for132 kv s/s

  33. Santosh Behera says:

    Dear Jignesh
    Could you please tell me the minimum clearance of 400 KV line from building, so that the electronics equipements like communication panels, SCADA panels etc. will not be effected from electomagnetic induction.

    Thanking you

    Santosh Behera

  34. Tahid Alli says:

    hi ,
    sir i am satyam want to know about all ie rules in internet ….plz help me….i am not belongs to elect. engg.

  35. Senthil says:

    Hi Mr. Jignesh Parmer,

    I intend to purchase an apartment near a 40 feet HT line (voltage unknown, probably 33kV), which is located 7 meters away from the building. Is it safe to buy the house? What are the ill effects of having HT line near residential house? Could you please advise?

    Thank you In advance

  36. akhilesh sharma says:

    sir, what sould be the min. distance between new petrol pump and 11kv line in national highway

  37. Julian Rudzki says:

    what is the minimum clearance between 100 mm water pipe and 11kv cable

  38. ram chandra says:

    Two lines ( one 400 Kv and other 200 KV) are parallel to each other, is any criteria for Maritain minimum distance between two Parallel line.


    HI ,


    can we have a 22 KV , 300 amp drop out out door fuse for 3 phase 20 kv line , fault level is 16 KA.

    i am working on project 20 kv line d/c where i have to install 300 amp out door drop out fuse on Take off structure.



  41. mahesh.b says:


  42. Subhendu Mohanta says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly let us inform that, what is the minimum clearance to be maintained between wall & the transformer body. ( Note: Transformer Rating : 33 KV, 15 MVA)

  43. Shailesh tripathi says:

    Hai sir please tell what is the minimum clearence between 11 kv HT line & 415 v LT line at the crossing.

  44. Lalan says:

    Sir, can u please tell me is there any EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) norms in India to be followed for erecting 33 KV overhead line, coz im following all norms as per IE 1956, but still Civil Court have injunction-ed my n stopped my line work

    • joshthangiah says:

      sir, What is the minimum distance clearance from the Diesel tank to EB Sub station …For giving NOC to install 15000 litres Diesel tank in a private company which is very next to EB sub station ..can we allow..if there is an electical burst or disaster in the EB sub station will it affect the diesel tanks of the pvt company

  45. SYUKRI says:

    HI Sir

    Need to know the status overhead laying if HV and LV lay in the same pole, that is still under safety hazard or there is a dispute act installation,,,,need comment,,,,thanks

  46. Kapil says:

    Could you please tell us the minimum distance (horizantal) required between an underground storage tank storing class A product (petrol) at a petrol pump and an HT (LT line also).
    I have so much, but not able to find any such rule.

  47. Rsy Buxton says:

    Please let me know in feet the distance that power lines can be above ground level, sidewalks, streets, etc. My email is Thanks in advance.

    • Ground clearance,Street Clearance,Side walks for Power line for various voltage and Code is already given in the post of Electrical Safety Clearance from 1 to 4 of this blog.
      If you need distance in Feet just convert meter in to feet…1Meter=3.28Feet.

  48. I want to know the distance b/w two conductor of 400 kv transmission line….

  49. Ravi says:

    Sir i wish to get clear details of the EHT 220kv OH line, Minimum Ground & Vertical Clearance,
    the TLM officials are confusing & its making some Unwanted delay & convince ,some times it makes us feel they are taking us for ride & they are harassing.So please request you to kindly give me the proper details. Hoping for a positive response soon
    Regards- Ravi

  50. Manish Shende says:

    Hello Jignesh,

    What is the fire Safety system required for 132 KV, 220 KV and 400 KV Sation.

    and what fire safety standard followed in India.

    Thanks and regards
    Manish Shende

  51. Imam Jaffer says:

    Dear Mr Jignesh Can you tell me Minimum clearance required
    between HSD 16000ltrs to Under ground HT cable of 33kv.

  52. sunil says:

    i found voltage between R-phase to neutral was 300V , between Y-phase to neutral was 315V and between B-phase to neutral was 50V, and between earth to neutral was 175V. Neatral was not disconnted. what was reason of high voltage between neutral to earth.

    • You will not get any difficulty in three phase load but get serious voltage various ion between Phase and Neutral in single Phase Load.
      There are lots of Possibility of getting Voltage between Earth & Neutral.
      (1) Neural Broken.
      (2) Dry Neural Earthing Pit.
      (3) Loose Earthing Pit Connection to Transformer Neural.
      (4) In distribution There may be interchange between Earthing and Neutral.
      (5) In Distribution field somebody locally Earthed Neutral (Except TC Neutral Earthing) (Multiple Neutral Earthing).

      For more reference read “Neutral Floating” Post of this Blog..

  53. anil says:

    hi jignesh
    nice to see you running such a useful blog. a 66Kva line passes thru my commercial plot with two poles inside the boundary. i propose to build a shed . can u please suggest me the distance as to how far from the pole end can i start my shed walls and also how far can the slope of shed shud be from the wires???

  54. saroj says:

    what is the vertical electrical clearance to petrol pump

  55. Nachiketa says:

    Hi Jignesh

    The minimum clearance laid down in the CEA regulations, 2010 does apply on industrial Units also? if no then what are the limits and where do i find this?
    Thanks in advance

  56. Kiran says:

    Hi ……. Can any one explain the basis from which electrical clearances are derived…… i guess they have been derived from dielectric strengths of air….can any one elaborate this pls???

  57. Abhijit says:

    For high voltage testing of SF6 GCB the clearances of 150kV/meter is sufficent or not??? Please mention both clearances i.e. vertical & horizontal.

  58. Tushar Patel says:

    Dear Sir,

    Recently i’ve bought a duplex in baroda and after i bought it, i get to know that my duplex is near to this Hyper Tension wire line. after discussion with the builder i found that he has left 12.30ft space between the house and the H. T. Line.

    I would like to know
    whether it would be sufficient distance between house and H. T. Line?
    would there be any precaution i should take?
    the house is ground+1 floor, can we build 2nd floor if we want to in future?
    can there be any health issues if we leave close by H. T. Line with the distance of 12.30ft?

    I do hope that you would be kind enough to enlighten me with your knowledge and experience.


  59. ram says:

    Dear sir
    I am planing to purchase 1 plot near HT lines. Distance between ht line & plot is 15m . Kindly suggest me is there any problem to helth if i built home at that place

  60. sam says:

    hello sir,
    I am doing a project in simulation. I want to know the distance between the lowest conductor of transmission line (carrying 345kV) and the ground.

  61. Ankur says:


    Could you please provide minimum electrical clearance required between phases of 11 kV Air break switch. A copy of supporting document would be appreciated.

  62. Uttam Dutta says:

    Can you please tell me what should be the gap between LV panel to back side wall and side clearance with anothe LV pannel. and please tell me the same thing with HV pannel
    Here LV means 415 V and HV means 6.6KV

  63. O.P.Bansal says:

    Pl. intimate me horizontal clerence for 400 kV and 220 kV transmission lines

  64. O.P.Bansal says:

    Can a 400 kV transmission line run in parallel to 220 kV transmisin line with a disatnce of 5.94 mtr. between their condcutor.

  65. Dharmesh says:

    HI Jignesh,
    Can u please tell me the Do’s & Dont’s for developing the Land by a Developer after laying underground 66KV Cable?

  66. Dharmesh says:

    Dear Jignesh, please answer the above question . I’d be very thankful to u..

  67. Chirag Gandhi says:

    Dear Jigneshbhai,

    How r u? Your knowledge is very useful to us so many many thanks to u.
    And want to ask what is the power line crossing clearances for 1200 kV line to another power lines and give the refrence file so I can so to other and in IE rules it is given? If yes than plz. provide it to me.

    Thanks a Lot.
    Chirag Gandhi

  68. rameshan says:

    subsequent to Indian Electricity Act 2003, the basis of Electrical safety also changed wrt said act in place of IE Rule 1956 or rules prior to 2003. Please detail the clauses/acts wrt to Indian Electricity act 2003.

  69. Gurudatt says:

    Respected Sir,

    Please clarify whether Emergency Door /Window can be placed near Transformer yard.


  70. pankaj says:

    ht clearnce

  71. Fernando says:

    Sir, Pl Clarify if we can build a road across (North to South) of high tension line in our land? There are 2 HT lines running from East to West one 110000volts and the 2nd one is 230000 volts in our site. What is the ground clerence required.

  72. What is the minimum allowable residual AC and DC voltage for operation /maintenance of electrical circuit??
    It is the voltage that persists in the phase after disconnection of the equipment!!!

  73. Sub Division officer M S E D C L says:

    Plz give an idea of state highway crossing 11 kv and Lt line
    vertical and horizontal clearance from ground .
    and whom should shift HT/LT lines along the roads

  74. ravipvr05 says:

    For 33 kV
    1. What should be the distance between two poles (Rail pole)
    2.What is the calculation for conductor sag between two poles
    There are any standard specifications for these??

  75. anoop says:



  76. SUSHIL says:

    Hello Sir,

    Can you please tell me,
    Allowable distance between Electrical & other network [may be water,fuel line] in Underground MEP services.

    please share NEC/BS/else standard details.

    Thanks in advance

  77. anoop says:

    Mr. Jignesh parmar their is a amendment in the indian electricity act 2003 in 2005, u have not mentioned dat here, the standars for safety i.e, the ground clearance is changed…!!!
    please have a check on this and then reply

  78. Rudrendra says:

    what should be the minimum clearance required between to two parallel 33KV lines

  79. Rudrendra says:

    How to reduce the earth to neutral voltage (other than earth pit)?

  80. baljeet singh says:

    I have one ac high voltage test set , I want to know what is the minimum distance to be leave from the false sealing to phase point , Phase point is at the height 1.5 mtr from the ground level .we will give the voltage between phase to earth with the sample up to 100 kv

  81. shamsul bahari saad says:

    Dear Mr Jignesh. I came to know that the BS 162 was replaced by BS 7354. Any changes on the minimum electrical clearance for indoor & outdoor? Can you share the BS 7354?

  82. k.shanmugaraja says:

    sir what is the distance between lpg storage godwon and 110kv line

  83. Yatindra says:


  84. asad says:

    can u tell me shall our company lay the pipeline below 110 kv line?or how much we hv to maintained ?

  85. Latif Ahmad Parray says:

    Please guide me with , the minimum horizontal clearance between the conductor & the building incase of 220KV & 132KV transmission lines. Also do we have to keep some additional clearance for conductor swing due to wind etc.

  86. siddu says:

    hello sir,
    In my case, 400KV line has been erected by PGCIL without prior notice and no compensation given to us. Is this possible or any electricity act is there to erect without giving compensation. It is huge loss to us because 1.5 hectares land is laid with 400KV line. Please suggest what i can do? can i get compensation? no trees.
    from siddu

  87. nitin mishra says:

    Please suggest that on transmission line 132KV for crossing of railway line which type tower is required and what should be ground clearence for that

  88. Soumen says:

    When a pvc cable(6 sq mm, 2core) for lv consumer is passes by two adjacent building what is the horizontal and vertical clearance should be maintained?

  89. Mohit Thali says:

    11kV tranmission wire is going to pass by my house will it have any effect and what is the minimum distance between the wire and house wall

  90. Hi Mr. Jignesh, is there any separation criteria between 33kV & 220kV underground burried cable recommended by code ??

  91. SIVA says:

    Dear sir,

    i need indoor clearances PHASE TO PHASE AND PHASE TO EARTH FOR 11KV,22KV,33KV as per IEC STANDARD.

  92. angelito cortez says:

    thank you so much.GOD bless you,please may i know the minimum and maximum distance between two tower overhead lines 33 kV.or standard distance tower to tower ?conductor size 366.2

  93. RAMACHANDRAN S says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is the above given busbar clearance between phases is same for CU & AL or what.?

  94. Salil Swarendra says:

    minimum clearance to be maintained between 33kv line crossing 11KV line

  95. santosh says:

    Dear Sir,

    One of our project we have erected 22kv switchgear for substation and we have used armoured cable that is bottom entry for the switch gear we have removed the outer sheath of the armoured cable for a 0.5meter and connected to the switchgear bus bar.the problem is there is cable tray carrying armoured cables which is used for control purpose to the plc panel which is in bottom trench the distance between the cable tray and 22kv cable is 200mm.
    my questions is since The 22kv cable running near by cable tray it will effect the control cable signals in the cable tray.

    if yes what should be the distance between the cable tray and 22kv cable as per IEC std
    and also send me calculation for this.

    Looking forward for your response

  96. B L Prakash says:

    very useful

  97. Uttam Dutta says:

    Can any body tell what should be the minimum distance maintained from 415 V MCC to side walls and what should be the in between distance to be maintained in between two MCC (415V) panel as per IS

  98. Surender Chaudhari says:

    What should be the min distance between 220kv transmission line & wind turbine.

  99. krishnan says:

    Hi Sir ,

    The information shared is very much useful . I am planning to buy a flat in chennai near perumbakkam and a HT line of 11 KV is passing 15 meters near the building . I was worried a bit but I am confident to proceed with the plan after reading your article . Thanks a lot .


  100. yogesh says:

    hello sir,
    a 1200 kv electricity transmission line is about to pass above my lawn.the line will be below the terrece of my house at par as the inclination of the line form the lower post to the upper post is around 45-50 degree as it is a questions to you are,
    1)what should be the minimum distance between the wire and the house.???
    2:what should be the minimum height of the wire from my lawn..??
    3:what are the health risks ???
    thank you and regards
    yogesh sapkota

  101. harish says:

    Can anyone give me any standard /reference for horizontal/parellel clearance of 400kv line from national highway. 4km line is proposed parallel. For tha purpose i want to know this clearance standard.

  102. harish says:

    Kindly tell me any standard reference for the horizontal/parallel clearance required for the 400kv proposed transmission line from national highway.presently suggested rout by surveyor is 20m away from the national highway and it is running Parallel to NH upto 4 KM distance.
    Can i get any standard which gives clearance details.

  103. hemant says:

    I am planning to buy flat , which is located somewhat roughly about 500 meters away from 66kV power substation , is it safe . As I am not aware of such things but confused on reading few details on web that it may cause cancer.(emf).
    kindly share your knowledge and give your expert view.

  104. Rotchill Pineda Cejar says:

    good day sir,

    thank you for sharing with us… i would like to know the vertical clearance of 13,2kv line constructed under 69kv line. thank you and best regards.

    Rotchill P.Cejar

  105. Jees says:

    Sir can I build a one story home under 400 kv line is there any violation what all documents are needed to get the permission and is there any health hazards bulding home under 400kv power line

  106. Murugan.S says:

    Sir , a diesel pipe line ca cross the cable tray or not. if yes what should be the clearance. if not reason for that. please reply me sir.

  107. Sir, What should be the clearance between DTC & Water body?

  108. markellis312 says:

    I am Rekesh and i am an engineer in electrical i done my engineering from Gujarat university i have 5 year experience in DTC & water body. I wanna join your organization.

  109. Lymperis George says:

    Hello Sir , I wonder if it is theoretically possible to have 11kv line and 33kv line on the same poles? I understand that minimum separations between 11kv and 33 kv needs to be 355mm, therefore it seems possible . Do you know of any precedents ?

  110. satyanarayana says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am Satya, my house is under the 2 lines of high voltage wires, and frequently i am noticing earthing problem for my equipment
    can you pls. suggest can i use earth pits for my residence and the wire is 15 feet above from my ceiling
    or pls. suggest how to keep my electronic safe

  111. askar says:

    what is minimum clearance required form communication cable to MV/KV power cable?

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  113. A.K.Malek.GETCO, S.E.(TR),Palanpur. says:

    What is minimum clearance as per rule between 66 KV UG power cable and CNG gas pipeline
    to be laid under ground beneath power cable.

  114. chandrasekhar says:

    If a transmission line ( 11 Kv/33 KV etc) running parallel to 2X25 Kv traction line for a distance of 1 Km-3 Km
    what will the induction effects and what should be minimum horizontal distance to be maintained between traction and transmission lines rnning parallel please post calculations with some examples

  115. sk says:

    What should be diffeance between 11kv line and tree according to indianelectricity rules

  116. guru says:

    can you please tell me the safe distance from 66KVA for building the house in bangalore.
    also is it OK to keep a GAS cylinder near 66KVA power line.
    please suggest.

  117. SK says:

    Minimum vertical ground clearance of 66 KV and above lines over National Highways as per IE Rules/CEA Rules.

  118. satsh reddy says:

    Dear Sir, in HT & LT transmission lines crossings general LT line was bottom & HT line was upper. what happens if its vice versa( HT bottom & LT uppeer)

  119. Md.Monjurul Alom says:

    Dear sir, Building rooftop to 33KV Electrical line distance (Horizontal & Vertical Clearance)

  120. Mohammed Hussain says:

    Dear sir can i have BS:162 document

  121. eswar says:

    pls tell me distance between 800KVDC over head power line and voice communication(.3 khz to 4khz) under ground cable

  122. we are using the channel of 2390mm for 33kv subtransmission line using open conductor. Does it may cause any problem due to inductioon or not???

  123. Azad Rasheed says:

    what’s the minimum clearance between 132 kv outdoor step up transformer with human???

  124. L M AGGARWAL says:

    What should be the height of 4 pole DP structure with an 33kv 3-phase isolator on top and operable using a gangue rod with its handle at bottom , bushings , insulators and for termination of each incoming and outgoing 2 nos 33kv cables. Also , pl clarify if there is a minimum requirement of 11m or 13m height of pole structure under certain conditions ?

  125. vishwas says:

    jignesh sir,
    i want to know if mpeb not follow the rule of minimum clearance from residential house for shifting 33 kva ht line so what action we can take.please suggest me .

  126. SHAHZAD says:

    Dear Sir,what will be the minimum clearance of 380 kv cables from severage PIPE
    line above ground.KINDLY GIVE THE REFERENCE ALSO.

  127. Amit says:

    I m in Oman,as per one tender scope we have to construct chain link fencing in switch yard,where we have Power transformers installed,can you tell me min how much safety horizontal clearance should be maintained from the fence is the system level is 132 kv & 220 Kv.Plz help

  128. AJIT KUMAR DASH says:

    my home is 300mtr distance from service electric.i have an ac and it is not take load when on.i have 5 kv stablizer also,how can i use ac pl tell me.

  129. paranthaman says:

    sir, i have agriculture land 0.5 acre in tamil nadu, erode dist.
    110kv cable crossing exactly middle on the land.
    i want to make poultry farm in this land.
    what is the rules for this.please help me.
    thank you.

  130. manish chovatia says:

    How many distance between transformer and diesel generator as per ie rules

  131. Raju says:

    clearance to be maintained for 110kV Lines to Air port

  132. rahul patidar says:

    i like ur profile jignesh sir
    and i want a qns to u relates my project…..
    can i…

  133. rahul patidar says:

    how should measure the emf from 35kv line, which are going from in front my college building, indore

    can mobile apps(EMF sensor, EMF detector) give a accurate value,if we do the analysis of my college campus.

  134. siva says:

    Dear sir,
    what is the distance required between 11 kv cable and LT cable in a same trench ? Any partition wall is required between HT and LT cables ?

    M Siva

  135. Lgalang says:

    Hi sir,

    What is the minimum clearance of between the underground electrical lines and water lines with related specific code or standard.


  136. Manoj Mondal says:

    what should be the minimum distance between ht panel & transformer??

  137. sonjoy says:

    for a 400 kv line what would be the spacing between the phase conductor

  138. naveen kumar dwivedi says:

    what should be minimum clearence above HFL in navigable river.

  139. Channabasavaraju.M.D says:

    As per the IE Rule 1956 or K E B act 2010 what is the minimum safety distance should maintain for installation of H S D U/G storage tank I.e either transformer or HT line

  140. Ramesh says:

    Dear sir please tell me pole/tower heights for different voltage levels i.e. starts from 11kV to 400 kV.

  141. Pradeep Chauhan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please can you tell me what should be the ground clearance between HV side and ground

  142. Udayaprakash says:

    i am studying electrical and electronics engineering,i want real time detail about transmision and distribution.

  143. bharath says:

    Dear Sir
    please tell me what is the gap between 11kv 630kva transformer and 11kv single ht breaker panel and is there required any fire wall between those two equipment’s. any documents to be refer

  144. bharath says:

    Dear sir i have a doubt what should i maintain gap between 11kv 630kva transformer and 11kv ht breaker panel and is there any requirement of fire wall between them please suggest any standard document to be followed

  145. Mohammad Azam Khan says:

    I think IE-1956 has been revised/updated. What is the clearance for 33 kV as per revised rules.

  146. sivasubramanian says:

    Hi sir we are planing to lay a 33 KV transmission line which IS stand i can refer and,
    what is the distance i have keep with existing 11 kv line as per stranded.

  147. JayMachave says:

    Hi Sir
    Plz tell me the minimum clearance for petrol pump from 400kv Substation and 440/220 kv line.
    And which book should be refer for this.
    kindly reply to

  148. Akhilesh Verma says:

    Hi Jignesh
    Can you provide me the IS/IEC Ref & details for phase to phase clearance for 415V V System.

  149. rupesh sharma says:

    sir can you please reply on for my following query
    what is the minimum distance requirement for two 66kv/11kv transformers in dence residential
    area.will be highly thankful for your responce

  150. thana says:

    why indoor and outdoor phase to phase and earth clearnce is explain ..

  151. Mr Kanot perme says:

    Hi I am Mr perme from Arunachal, there is a 132kV overhead line as well tower erected and passing near my house.So you plse suggest me the required clearance of 132KV tower and over head line from my house?

  152. Sanjay Gwande says:

    Dear sir we have to install 11kv/0.440 v [2500kva] transformer and our LT load is more than 2800 amps so we have no any adea regarding distance between transformer and LT panel to save power losses so sir plz guide to us how much distance required between transformer and LT panel.

  153. Ankur says:

    what is ground clearaance in100kv & 1200kv?
    Please reply

  154. jeevan says:

    Hi… what is the mininmum distance from ground to cable tray in a working area.

  155. Tapan Desai says:

    Hello Sir,
    Please say Distance between P-E & P-P in SF6 Medium

  156. Nitin Mallan says:

    hiii. I am an electrical enginnering student. I wanted to know if there is a 220 KVA Line, what is the working height and conduction limit from ground.

  157. sudhir says:

    Can we keep 800kv electrical generator control panel outside , the temp more than 50 degree cel

  158. Nouman Akram says:

    Dear Sir,
    What is safe surrounding clearness distance for 11 KV power cables ( 500 mm2 )?

  159. G S Sharma, Electrical Engineer (Construction of lines and GSS) says:

    Dear Sir, please tell about the mid span clearances of different voltages ranging from 11 kv to 800 kv with different roads categories like metalled road, highways, NH, Mega highway express way etc

  160. Krishnan says:

    I bought a flat, and a 220KV EHT goes through it. The distance of cables from the towers are around 8-9 metres, is this safe to habitat?

    Also, our society is interested in moving this EHT line. How do we go about doing it?

  161. Rudrendra says:

    Can any body share the standard heights of P,R,S lattice type towers used in 132 KV Transmission line

  162. Rudrendra says:

    What is standard voltage and frequency variations for different voltage levels

  163. Rudrendra says:

    What is basic consideration while selecting the insulation voltage level of power cables.

    I mean in 415 V LT cables there are three standards available in the market like 500 V,690V & 1.1 KV. How to select which one is suitable for our requirement.

  164. Sumit Parihar says:

    Sir i want to get knowledge about sub station installation on HT cable
    1). If I have incomming side 33 kv VCB of 3500 KVA and i want to distribute its outgoing supply ( 33 kv) with the help of ABC cable to 4 nos of 1000 KVA transformers.
    2) Can it be done with the help of bus-bar of 33kv level, if so what should be the separation between R-Y-B bus bars & Four connecting cables of same phase on R phase bus-bar

  165. Manjunath Ukkali says:

    dear sir,

    what vertical clearance required HT line to trasformer yard

  166. Manjunath Ukkali says:

    Dear sir,
    Can we install trasnformer yard below the HT LINES need your guidelines.

    thank you

  167. lutendo says:

    can you please define high voltage clearance

  168. Birendra Kumar Singh says:

    What are the standards for clearance between communication cables, ABC cables and cables and ground for 230/400 & 11kv and 33 kv lines? Also between cables and line conductors.

  169. vivek says:

    आदरणीय श्रीमान,
    मैं आपसे एक जानकारी चाहता हूँ। 220 वोल्टेज की करंट की पॉवर सप्लाई लाइन जो ट्रांसफारमर से निकल कर घरों की ओर जाती है। उसके लिए लगने वाले बिजली के खम्भे की किसी मकान से न्यूनतम दूरी क्या होगी।
    minimum clearance from house/ building.

    और इस सम्बन्ध में लिखित कानून या एक्ट कौन सा है। कृपया उसका नाम दे ताकि हम उसे नेट से डाउनलोड कर लें।


  170. Rahul says:

    Sir Could you please tell me whether partition wall between HT & LT panel is required ?IF no please send me the IS codes or any relevant documents

  171. Karma Dorji says:

    How much is the minimum distances between 132 Kv electric line and the mobile tower nearby ????

  172. Naresh Kumar r says:

    In 220 kv line oil leakage observed from Current transformer. What may be the reason for leakage and how to refill the oil

  173. PRATIK ANAND says:

    sir ,what is the distance between train roof and electrical cable.

  174. Ramesh Veerschowdappa says:

    Sir,below 220KV line to what extent we can grown plant what about compensation given to farmers to cross cultivating land

  175. Santhosh says:

    Can you help me regarding busbar phase to phase clearance for AC panel for solar project (12 In, 1 Out), which is placed outdoor (We have given IP65 cubical enclosure for outdoor) and also please let me know in which IEC edition busbar clearance is mentioned with table, or in any British standard or in Indian standard edition, any of these. one of my client is asking for proof mentioned in electrical standard book.
    Now as per our LT panel of 415 Volts, Input busbar phase to phase clearance given is 50mm, Output busbar phase to phase clearance given is 27mm. Input Busbar used is 20/6mm for 100Amps MCCB, output busbar is 2 runs 60/10mm for 1000 Amps 4-pole ACB

  176. EE says:

    what should be the safe distance between a petorl bunk and EHT line

  177. Haresh says:

    Dear Sir,
    Your blog is very informative. I am Not an electrical engineer.
    My Question- In India, in bigger cities – In typical apartment building or society (say having 150 Houses) – the builder has made a substation with Step down transformer. So the supply Voltage to HV side of transformer would be 11 or 22 or 33 KV.
    In the same place there are single houses and bungalows. The distribution company of the state is providing a 230 Volt supply for them.
    My Question – Why cannot those 150 houses be provided a 230 Volt supply each directly by the Maharashtra State Electricity Board?
    My question is when a 230 Volt line is already in place, then why bigger society is required to make their own substation.
    After Installation and commissioning, whom does Substation belong to Electricity board or Society/Builder?

  178. sreehari says:

    Mimimum distance maintain HT panel feeder to transformer incomer

  179. nirmal soni says:

    What clearance required for UG power cable and UG water pipe line

  180. kartheek says:

    Dear sir,

    Am designing the LT panel

    LT GRADE 440 V AC, R,Y,B,N AND E 4000 A, I (SC)50 KA. and temperature rise for 4 hours.

    Kindly suggest us the clearance for phase to phase ,phase to neutral and neutral to earth .

    Bus bar selected – Aluminium 125 x 10 mm


  181. kartheek says:

    Dear sir,
    kindly let me know any handbook for
    1. Electrical panel building

  182. Raj chouhan says:

    Mujko 440 kv tower par kam lagna h mere saath 3-4 log h

  183. Mayank Mistry says:

    Dear Mr. Parmar ,

    What should be clearance between a lighting pole ( 12 mtrs ) with 6 nos LED 250W flood lights and HT overhead lines ( 35KV ) passing over a sports field . Are there any refernce and statutory guideline books / standards for the same. Where to refer ?


  184. Narayanaswamy.T.M says:

    Dear Mr.Jignesh Parmar, Pl’s let us know the Low Voltage Panel around clearance for the installation.

  185. NDIKUMANA Jean-Claude says:

    Dear Sir, Jignesh,
    Thank you for your kindly such as Technical grand brother in Engineering for all response you shared with us. My question is what poles plumps used for in MV lines of 11kV?

  186. Rajnish Pandey says:

    Dear Mr.Jignesh,Could you please explain a case study- My building is having a horizontal distance less than 1.2 metre from a concret electric pole which is not having any iron angle and the the low voltage wire has been wined through the white insulator which is directly on the pole.
    As a remedy can i put an Iron angle projected towards the street and shift the low voltage wire in order to increase the horizontal clearance from my building.

  187. Tapas Maity says:

    Kindly give the IS Standard code for busbar clearance on indoor panel for 415 volt system

  188. Irfan says:

    Please tell me what is the min allowable distance between 33 KV parallel feeders…

  189. Dalisux says:

    What is your minimum clearance between shield wire and phases in a 33kV line?

  190. Kalachand Sikdar says:

    Sir, 400kv Busduct is running from the top of the control room and just below SCS system is available where engineers have to work frequently. Is it safe to work under this environment?

  191. Borad Harshad says:

    Express highway Clearance ?

  192. Borad Harshad says:

    See how much land level is from the express highway ?

  193. kuldip raj suri says:

    what should be clearance in 220 kv line phases when source is same and on same cross arm

  194. Parag Sharma says:

    I assumed HT line is very near to my flat which is at 4th floor can you pls give me idea on minimum safety criteria on distance from balcony to HT line etc.

    • rudra says:

      Horizontal 2Mtrs for 33KV level +0.3mtrs for every 33KV
      Vertical 3.7Mtrs for 33KV level +0.3mtrs for every 33KV

  195. Vasantakumar says:

    Dear sir
    This is Vasantakumar, I am working in one of Company I am having PT(33kv) Breakdown Continous 6 Times 3Years So can You guaid me How to Stop it

  196. Momin says:

    Sir,,how can vertical distance from teensheet ouse.

  197. prabu kumar says:

    sir for 33kv line need pole to pole distance

  198. Jagdish N says:

    Minimum Electrical Clearance As Per BS:162. for 33kV enclosed , Minimum Phase to Earth is 222mm, but as per up gradation BS these dimension are same or change.

  199. Jagdish N says:

    Hi Jignesh

    Can you provide me the IS/IEC Ref compare to BS 162 & details for phase to phase clearance for 33kV enclosed System

  200. Parag says:

    What shall be Minimum Horizontal Clearances between 22kv HT switch gear/Transformer and underground water tank?

  201. Nikunj says:

    What is the distance between the residence and substation

  202. karthik says:

    sir, what is the clearance of 66KV and 33KV line crossing area

  203. Shwetha B a says:

    please let me know.. What should be the clearances required for under 66kV HT lines to nearest building??

  204. Avnish Thakkar says:

    Hi Jignesh Sir,

    I have question that I’m planning to purchase a house which is in vicinity to 11 KV line. Would pls share what should be the distance vertically and horizontally between house and the lines to avoid undesired EMI or static effect on body? I will really appreciate your expert opinion.

  205. Brian Shivanda says:

    Am glad for relevant information like this. Update me on more High voltage notes, on-site transformer tests. Thank you

  206. Saravanan says:

    Hi , wht should be the Clearances from 66KV substation Buildings to gas station ? wht is international standard to refer?

  207. Hemant Sali says:

    Indian Electricity Rules 1956 have been repealed. New Central Electricity Authority (measures related to safety and electric supply) Regulations 2010 have been notified by government of India.

  208. Ejaz Ashraf says:

    my name is Ejaz Ashraf, worked in Siemens.I am in Karachi,Good Information Summerised by Jignesh.

  209. sumit sharma says:


    Please let me know the minimum Horizontal clearance between 11 KV VCB panel & Control and switch gear panel.

  210. ram says:

    sir, what is the clearance between ground to 440 volt ariel bunch cable LT Line?

  211. ramesh sawarkar says:

    sir I read all specification but I have not got clearance between two 11 kv parallel feeders

  212. Michael says:

    sir, what is the clearance between 15 MT LPG bullet and 110 kva tower line? i mean the height and distance.

  213. SOMANATH says:

    pl.mention the minimum required clearance between waterpipeline and cable

  214. Andre says:

    Hi Sir,
    Do you know the minimum clearance, vertical and horizontal, between ground grid conductors and a gas pipe? I sincerely appreciate if you can help me out in this matter.

  215. BK Singh says:


    Can you please help me to provide calculation for phase to phase clearances in air at 800VAC system electrical panel?

  216. Alkesh says:

    Hello Sir,
    Pls. suggest minimum required clearance between 765kv line(Lowest conductor) and OIL pipes & Gas Pipes,

    I am using PLS-CADD for line design.

  217. Dilip Kumar says:

    Provide me phase to phase clearance in 765 kv transmission line

  218. SANKAR REDDY says:

    If 11kv and 220volts lines are going on same much distance should maintain between 11kva and distribution line?.Topside is 11kv line and it’s bottom is LTE line.plz answer me.

  219. Pratap Gutta says:

    Hi there we brought a new flat and there is a 33kv (3 lines) passing in 4.5 meters next to 2 bedrooms. Can you please confirm any health issues.

  220. Pratap Gutta says:

    Hi there, I bought an flat next to 33kv lines 3, 2 bedrooms are there to towards lines from 4.5 meters is there any health issues or problems.

  221. Bhaskar says:

    What is the safe distance 765 kv for home

  222. santosh says:

    what is the safest ground clearance for 132kv electrical line crossing national highway

  223. SAIDUL says:

    Nice collection. I have question Bellow answered me please. What is line to line clearance s of Various voltage ?

  224. Rupendra says:

    i am a new petrol pump wants to know about the minimum distance from over head high tension line (11-33kva) from a petrol pump licence area.

  225. Netra says:

    What is the formula to calculate these clearance


    You have mentioned “Minimum Clearance between Lines Crossing Each Other (IE-1957)”. But, I have not found any where the IE-1957. Can you tell me where I can get IE-1957.

  227. sadanand says:

    Clearance required for highway 60 mtr (ROW)…..from 220 kv and 400 kv tower line

  228. Saaib Ahmed says:

    Hey there,

    There is an an electricity supply line almost 1m away from the building facade, the pole itself is just 1.5m away from the building. Recently the electricity department has decided to change the old concrete poles with new steel conductors. Since the installation was to be made afresh, we requested the engineer to install the pole on the other side of the street which is 2m wide, which they agreed to. The people living on the other side of the street objected. But here is the difference, the homes on this side of the street are adjacent to the street without any gap of clearance, the ones on the other side are away from the street by almost 10m or more. The opposition seems unjustified.

    What are the rules for pole erection in cases like these. What is the minimum distance from an erected building that a pole should have. What is your opinion in this regard? Is our stand justified, is there any legal backing for the same?

  229. indra rao says:

    NHAI is proposed to construct NH 4-lane road ROW-60 meter run in parallel to 400 KV Transmission line from my form. As per my knowledge ROW of 400 KV Transmission line 24 meter either side of it. My question is that NHAI will leave 400 KV Transmission line ROW-24 meter that side or can construct in 400 KV Transmission line ROW of that side? if yes then at-least how much distance NHAI left from 400 KV Transmission line?

  230. Dilsukh says:


  231. Uma Sankar Patnaik Korlam says:

    good morning I have 400 square yard plot at Visakhapatnam, HIGH TENTION GRID LINE passes through my plot. how floors are able to construction in my plot.

  232. Sathiyamoorthy P says:

    What is the distance maintained from 110KVA to office building

  233. B P Singh says:

    Very good compilation of electrical clearances.
    Please share minimum clearances between bottom phase wire of one EHV transmission line and top earth wire of other EHV transmission line. And it’s reference.
    Actually I am looking for 132 kV crossing over 220 kV transmission line.


  234. Ranjan says:

    Hello Jignesh Parmar,

    There is a 400KV DC Transmission line on my land, Can you tell me what is the minimum distance to build a home / Resistance tower near it.

    Also tell me who is the person to contact for compensation without inform us built that 400kv DC kudankulam transmission line on Tirunelveli to kollam ?


    why distance between phase to phase in indoor and outdoor system is different

  236. T SESHAGIRI RAO says:

    Hello sir,

    we are isolators manufacturers in Hyderabad,

    how to calculate the minimum distance between live parts on the phase

  237. SIVAKUMAR says:

    Are you sure these clearances are valid even today, in line with the latest IEC Standards?

  238. Murthy says:

    Very good information and very useful to us

  239. Navneet Gupta says:

    Hello Sir can you please advise….what should be minimum distance of low tension line from a 15 m Roof top telecom tower

  240. Majid Hameed says:

    Hi Sir,
    We built new bridge under HV transmission line (400 KV) this bridge contain street light on the bridge (10 m length) what is the safety distance between the transmission line and the light pole according to IEC orBS?

  241. Shiba Padhan says:

    Please provide data or document for erection of 33 KV overhead line over water reservoir and its safety measures

  242. sathish says:

    what is the minimum clearance between conductor in plug type submersible pumpset at 415 rated voltage

  243. Ajit Solanke says:

    Can i lay 33kV HT XLPE cable on dam wall to cross river? Is it safe?

  244. midhun says:

    for the diagram shown ,what is the approximate required minimum clearance distance ,r ,if the phase voltage of the live parts is 13800v?

  245. Harish sharma says:

    What should be the difference of transformet and petrol pump

  246. What should be the difference of transformet and petrol pump…

  247. Deopal B patil says:

    Can a house be built on 32 kva underground cable duct.what is minimum
    Distnce to be maintained?

    • Hemant Sali says:

      Cable duct mentioned as 32 kVA. It could not be in kVA.
      For construction of any structure in the vicinity of underground or overhead line, refer Regulation No. 63 of Central Electrical Authority (measures related to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010 as amended further.

  248. saravanan mohan says:

    Why Current transformer star point is needed? please reply sir…

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